She Forced Me It Was My First Time I Think She S Pregnant

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Billy - May 25

I am 17 my girlfriend is 15 we have had s_x 3 times in the last 2 weeks. I didn't know if she was on the pill or not, she kind of came on to me. I didn't want to stop her since I never had s_x before, I was also was drunk. We had unprotected s_x but I came on her stomach. I could tell by her reaction she wanted me to come in her. The second time was with a condom. The third time was with a condom, but afterwards we could not find the condom. After 10 minutes we found it in her all the come had dripped out. I have only known her 3 weeks and she is not on the pill. I know I should have been more careful, but she was my first and I wasn't expecting s_x with her. I am usually extremely attached on an emotional level with girls and we still would not feel ready for actual intercourse. This time things are moving so fast and I have been twisted most nights I am with her. What are the chances of her being pregnant?


j - May 25

it depends on if she was ovulating or not when the condom got lost in her.If she was more than likely she is pregnant.Wait till her period is due and if late make her take test.If you do not want kids u should make sure next time the girl is on birth control too.Was the third time a spermicide condom or just regular?Sorry could not help more.


to billy - May 25

Like J said, she would only be pregnant if she was ovulating at the time. If she was ovulating, that doesn't necessarily mean that she is pregnant either. Sometimes it takes on the first shot, and for some it can months or even years.I would ask her when she is suppose to be due for her period. Once you know when she is due for her next period,or even ask her when her last one was,then you count 14 days from the 1st day of her last period or next one.That would be around the time she would be ovulating.I would also have her take a pg test to make sure. But your going to want to wait until after she is actually late for her period. A pregnancy test measures a certain hormone, if there isn't enough of this hormone, you might get false results.Then when/if you find out shes not pregnant, I would break up with her because it sounds like you really don't want to be with her. I would find someone that respects you and that won't try to trap you by getting her pregnant.


Billy - June 2

I don't think she is trying to trap me. She is always saying she never wants kids. Its usually when we see some kid acting up. I think maybe she is willing to use an abortion as birth control. I believe it is her choice, but I personally would never want a girl to have one if I got her pregnant.


Jane - June 26

I hope that it worked out for you, and if you did not want to have a baby that she ended up not pregnant. I guess you should know by now. Please post so we will know how it turned out.



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