She Just Had A Baby Is She Already Pregnant Again

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Dave - September 17

My wife had a C section 5 weeks ago. She is br___tfeeding the baby. We had unprotected s_x last night. She went down my shorts in the middle of the night and got me hard. She took off my shorts and got on top of me. She usually never dose this. I knew what was going on but was half asleep. Insted of telling her I was going to c_m so she could stop, I came in her. We are worried about being pregnant now. What is the chance of getting pregnant while br___tfeeding all the time? Do you think she may be trying to have another kid already? Is it safe to keep c_ming in her without getting pregnant, and if so for how long?


Viv - September 17

I think you should have a birth control plan. Breastfeeding is no guarantee. On top of that, a woman is most interested in s_x when she is ovulating. Watch out!


bird - September 17

Im confused!! You knew what was hapening, and ok it happened so why didnt you both go get the morning after pill? I presume as your both worried about it that you dont want another one so soon?? And blimey did you not learn anything... ov course it is NOT safe to keep c_ming inside of her without getting her pregnant! Put something on it in future if you dont want another screaming bundle of joy!!


k - September 17

morning after pill would not be viable for a b-feeding mother...Get a birthcontrol plan spontanious abortion is not always the answer but looks like the populations is sure trying to make it that way...( Unresponsible people Not you Dave)Good luck...but rememer too your wife if at a stage in her life where i am sure she is feeling like a human milk machine and she is wanting attention....but when she goes for her 6 week make sure she talks to the doc about birth control of somekind


fred - October 14

you dumb a__s


lol - November 19



Audrey - November 21

A woman's cycle takes little time to stabilize after a pregnancy. I suggest abstaining or using a condom, because a b___stfeeding woman should not take birth control pills. It's not good for a woman to become pregnant very soon after having a baby, most doctors recommend waiting at least six months to a year before becoming pregnant again, to allow her body to heal.


Mr - December 14

Yep... double daddy you gonna be a double daddy After your wife has the first baby, especially if it took a while to have the first one you get a little careless... Mess up a few times like that and you can just get ready to reset that no sleep newborn clock back to zero in 9 months.


me - January 26

what is lol


G - March 16




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