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kandykane - September 29

Ok so my boyfriend and I were fooling around one night. His p__s came close to me but never enter me since we didn't have a condom. I don't think he ejaculated but I don't know for sure and I am not on any birth control. Should I be worried that I could become pregnant?


clindholm - September 30

It would be very rare to become pregnant without actual penetration. I would however, look into some birth control now since your relationship appears to be progressing toward s_x.


Teddyfinch - September 30

you know i read this a lot from young girls. why....would you guys get naked and be messing around if you aren't going to have s_x? i mean are you trying to have an accident? and why do girls that end up pregnant (not talking about you kandy) say "i just don't know how it happened" when they were NAKED messing with a guy...i mean it just doesn't make sense. kandy: if he came (ejaculated whatever) then you'd know it because it isn't exactly easy to hide a blob of s____n. if you aren't sure of simple little things like this, you might put off s_x a little while longer until you know a little more. less chance for an "oops" that way.


ashleygeoffroy - October 1

Hi kandykane, I personally don't think you're pregnant, since I would have unprotected s_x with my husband, and when he would ejaculate he would pull out. I never got pregnant from doing that, although I would not recommend that as a safe form of birth control. I think if you are going to engage in s_xual activity and you don't want a baby, i would go on the pill, and get your boyfriend to wear condoms to be extra safe.


23raquel - October 8

when can you start to have s_x after a miscarrage?


Malica - October 9

23raquel -- you'll get better answers if you create your own thread instead of trying to hijack another. You should talk to your doctor because it may depend on if you had to have a D&C or not.



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