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A Frustrated Guy - February 12

Hello, I am a 19 year old guy, in a steady relationship with my girlfriend, who I love very much, for over a year and 3 months now. We started having s_xual intercourse, around 3 months ago. At the first couple of tries, the type of condom and the feeling didn't matter to us, since we were new to s_x, and I was helping my girlfriend step by step, to start adapting to intercourse. As time went on, and as we got more experienced, I started buying new condoms, to see which one is the best for girls. I've spent countless hours browsing, and searching around for the right brand and type of condom, not including all the money I've spent on buying all kinds of condoms. I bought R3 (German condoms), Durex (nearly all the types that exist, including the new one, called "Avanti"), Control (Spanish brand), and so on and on. I am getting really frustrated, because I am running out of options, and so far none of the condoms worked for us. The problem is, that my girlfriend barely feels anything, if at all. Once we tried without, only for alittle bit, to see the difference, and there was trendmenous difference in the feel for her. The moment I place on the condom, regardless the type it is, she feels nothing. For me, lovemaking and showing love to my partner, consists of making her feel good too, not just so that I feel good. It really frustrates me...I want to have safe s_x, be responsible, and be a loving partner...and I really try as hard as I can. I would like some advice on the following subject. Could be because: - The condom is not put on right? (which I doubt) - Is there anything besides latex/non-latex? (I tried both already) - Do I need to use more lubricants? (I used so far: Durex - Play) - Maybe the motion of the act is not right? (Shallow-Deep thrusts I do so far) I would just really like to get this riddle solved, so please, if anyone could advise me, I would really appreciate that.


A frustrated Girl - February 12

Will you leave your girlfriend and let me run away with you? No not really I am married and pregnant but my partener does not care nearly as much for my pleasure. Ok well from the girl side there are a few things you could try. First both of you get tested for STD's and then remain committed to eachother and then you could experiment with a diaphram, spermicides, birth control pills etc. Once you eliminate disease protection there are more options. Also I don't know about other women but I don't think I have ever had an orgasm from s_x alone.


A Frustrated Guy - February 12

Well, of course that most women can't have an orgasm without c___toral stimulation, let it be oral of with hands. Some women don't get any feeling at all, while they are having intercourse. Alot of getting and orgasm from intercourse by itself, depends on the p___s's curve, right thrusting, and the more foreplay and arousing, the better chance of having an orgasm while intercourse. Also, a main factor, is how long can the male withold himself from ejaculation. About STD's: I am not worried, both her and I made blood tests recently, we are faithful, and we are clean, hygenic and responsible people and we trust each other. We discussed her going on the pill, but for now she is unsure if wether she wants that or not, and I am certanly not going to pressure her to any decision.


To A frustrated Girl - February 13

I'm so with you on the no orgasm from s_x alone...add a vibrator to the c___t though and that works!


a happy girl - February 17

Has ur girlfriend ever tried squeezing her love muscles while you are thrusting inside of her? That tends to help me out alot and it makes me reach my peak faster and harder. Or maybe even try doggy style because that creates deeper penetration both the man and woman



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