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confused - July 23

i'm having trouble with something, first i have been talking to this guy for 3 mts and were old friends from school he is so good to, but i'm married for 15 yrs now, but very misrable, my guy friend is wanting me to move in with him, i have small kids will it affect them by leaving there father, he is not a bad person he just has not been there for me, please help me i really love this guy im talking to...ive never cheated on my husband and dont want to, i would leave him before i did anything with this other guy!!! please talk to me about this, thanks!!


Sara - July 12

Have you taled to your husband about how you feel? Don't just get up and leave with the ids, that can bring a whole lot of problems. Maybe you and your husband should sit down and disscuss everything, let him know how you feel, If you guys decide to split, sit the kids down and explain that they are loved by both parents and that mommy and dfaddy won't be living together anymore. You really need to tell him how you feel, and maybe you both can work things out and get some therapy to repair your marriage.


confused - July 13

thanks Sara, it means alot to me that someone really leasoned to me, i've talked to my husband about this, and it's good for about two mths and then it's the same ol' stuff again, he found a letter i had wrote to this guy, and he dont trust me anymore, and i have never went out on him or anything, i just needed someone to talk to that really act like they cared, please keep talking to me, ive very confused and i havent talk to anyone about this, thanks!!!


SaRaH - July 13

Hello confused! I hope that everything works out for you! It is best to be honest with ur husband if u are unhappy. Also make DAMN sure u are making the right decision by leaving him for another man! I hope that GOD leads u in the right direction and also keep ur kids in mind!! GOD BLESS U!!


jolie - July 13

Hi Sara, I think you have the answer. Please take time to deeply a___lyse the new guy you just met. I suggest you to trust your intuition. Also, if you have not been happy for 15years in marriage, it's better to move on, life is short. But what is making you miserable? . There is one thing I know, you must find out within yourself which one of the 2 is right for you. Give yourself some time to reflect.


confused - July 13

to:sara and jolie, thanks for taking your time to give me your advise, i have talked to husband, and we are going to try to work it out and raise our kids together ive told this other guy that i wasnt going to talk to him anymore, its not fair to him or my husband im not a bad person ive been with one man (my husband) and i just pray we can work things out, i just hope i can be happy again, thanks again!!


TRI - July 23

We'll what made you marry your husband in the first place? I'm sure whatever it is, he still has it deep inside of him..


confused - July 23

TO TRI, well we where young 17 and we didnt get along then but we where each others first love, we where doing better when i talk to him about this but yesterday he throwed a fit on me for no reason, i have been so depressed, i dont know what to do, but i still havent talk to this other guy, i dont want to bring him in on my problems anymore, i need to get my life straight, even though this other guy would be there for me but i think it would just start a lot of trouble, i dont know what to do i dont talk to anyone about this and it's driving me crazy, if anyone could help please write me, thanks!!!



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