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charmy - January 24

ok evereyone that is talking about sperm dieing after about 3 to 5 day is not true....it only last a few hours...because i know someone that when to see if he can have kid's and the place he went to said he need's to do it and then go straight there so it dosent die....so there you go


bvue - January 24

charmy, the 3-5 days is when sperms are living inside the woman. Sperm does dies within minutes if is is stored in plastic bags for other places.


babymakes5 - January 24

I'm pretty sure that's just when it's exposed to air. When it's in the v____a/cervix area, it can last up to 3-5 days. I had my daughter that way. I only had one day of unprotected s_x and it was 3 days before I ovulated. That's why many women have s_x a day or two before they ovulate and still get pregnant. It's also why you are fertile more than just one day. Otherwise it would be a lot harder for women to become pregnant with such a short window.


charmy - January 25

Ohhhhh! ok he had it in a pee cup.... ok can i ask's a Q.. if i had my period on the 9th and had s_x on my period on the 12th my period last for 7 day's..and then had s_x a couple times after that with another guy could it be the frist guy's baby???


charmy - January 25

ohh yeh and im 19w 5 day's today....and that was in september when i had my period


DownbutnotOUT - January 30

Charmy please your spamming the heck out of the threads everyone has answered you and it is more than likely your husband is the father but you need a DNA test to be sure. You need to get the test done when the baby is born or you will never know for sure who is, you should tell your husband before the baby is born it is the right thing to do.


charmy - January 30



AmericanReject - January 31

no it lasts about a few hours outside the body...but in the body it lasts about 3 to 5 days...depending on the womens body......


AmericanReject - January 31

i'm confused....i was just posting my input...god....you dont have to yell...


charmy - January 31

I didn't yell at you americanreject


charmy - January 31

All.... I asked is for ppl to stop replying to my post


jldaniels - February 1

Charmy, why would you post something if you do not want someone to reply to it? I thought you wanted answers to your questions. I really do not understand what it is you are looking for but if you had a period more than likely you would have gotten pregnant after your period. If you have normal cycles (28 days) you usually can pregnant between days 11 and 16 of your cycle. I don't know if that is teh answer you are looking for but I may not have understood the question.


charmy - February 1

Thank's jldaniels..that's the answer i was looking for ..if i would of gotting pregnant befor all after my period


mlg8 - February 5

sperm can in fact live for up to 5 days 'in the appropriate conditions" b/c the cycle we got our bfp I o'd 4-5 days after our last BD.



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