Spern Draining Back Out Of My Vagina

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hoofprintz - June 7

all my pregnant friends tell me the same thing as what ilovepitbulls said...lol lie on your back & a** in the air after s_x.


sallyisamom - June 9

yes. Its normal and yes you can still get pregnant. Think about it you only need one of billions to make a baby where is the rest supposed to go? in the recycle bin you keep in your v____a? lol but some men produce more sperm than other so thhis may have happened before but you didnt notice it with an earlier partner.


georgelakshmi - June 12

Yes it has happened to me before but you've to lie down for sometime after s_x before getting up. Pls consult your doctor if it is still happening.


Nisha Leigh - June 17

It is perfectly normal and happens with most women about half an hour after intercourse. The s____n consists of two parts. Most of it is a carrier fluid generated by the prostate gland, and embedded in this are several million sperm generated by the t______es. While there are millions of them, they are very tiny and form less than 10 percent of the total ejaculate. Furthermore, they are swimmers, and once in the v____a they sense chemical signals and swim towards, and then up, the cervix. Any healthy sperm can do this within a minute or two. After a reasonable amount of time, your body rejects the rest as a matter of hygiene. What is ejected is the prostate fluid plus any sperm which were not of good enough quality to cross even the first barrier (there are several more barriers to come). The sperm themselves are very small indeed, and you won't know the difference in the ejaculate with and without them. But there is no reason to believe that you have any problem at all.


HopefulMommy - July 1

that happens to me, you'll be fine, it doesn't all driain out


jing - July 8

not all the s____n necessarily stays inside you to get pregnant just certain counts of them, this happend to me and worried me before but after few monts of trying, i got pregnant


rsun - August 4

The s____n has to come out of you at some point Katie. It doesn't just absorb into your body. Before you go giving your boyfriend a baby, why don't you challenge him to show his committment to you through marriage, then you you can worry about conceiving a child. Believe me, no child wants to say, "my mommy is my daddy's girlfriend." In my profession you wouldn't believe how many children are ashamed of their parents never being married and they have to work through a lot of problems because of it. Not only are children ashamed of that but also divorce. Marriage is not a light thing, but neither is having a baby. Marriage requires two committed people for life. A lot of people do really GET that. Don't be selfish...... no s_x before marriage is the best way to have a happy child.


rsun - August 4

Typo: A lot of people don't really GET that.


Teddyfinch - August 4

the post is like 3 years old.


supastar - August 5

when my boyfriend comes inside me it always drips out after a few moments it didnt stop us from getting pregnant....


frankyswife91610 - January 20

Well me and my soon to be husband have been trying to have a baby and we have been trying for a long time now and nothing , still, and his sperm keeps coming out of me sometimes its alot like i have to get toilet paper and wipe like 4 or 5 times . i dont know what to do i dont want to have a surragate mother i want the experience on being pregnant with my child , im scared its gunna have to be like that and not me carry my baby for 9 months .


Grandpa Viv - January 20

Franky's, one sperm gets to stay, the other 100,000,000 are rejects. If you have failed to get pregnant after a year of trying, it is time to get a doctor's help. Nine times out of ten the doctor will be able to fix things in short order. GL!


CherryMasquerade - January 27

My boyfriend just makes a lot of s____n so I'm not surprised when a lot oozes out lol... and I mean A LOT. We measured it before, the average is one teaspoon, right? He makes about 2 1/2 tablespoons at a time. Yep, I'd have no problems getting pregnant lol



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