Spotting Bleeding After Sex

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Stacy - April 7

Has any one had any spotting or bleeding after s_x? I have been spotting and bleeding lightly for the past couple of days and I went to the Dr. and they said that it could've been caused by my having s_x 3-4 days before the spotting first started. Does that sound right/normal? Any help would be appreciated.


Stacy - April 7

I guess I should add that it had actually been 3-4 days since I had had s_x, so to me it didn't/doesn't make any sence for the spotting to start that long afterwards.


hey - April 26

i've had bleeding 3 days after s_x before. I t really freaked me out too so I went to the gyn. She tested me for stds and i was completely clear of that. The dr. said that since it was dark it meant that it was old blood, probably caused by left over blood from my last period, since i had s_x the day after my last period had ended. Or she said that it could have been from an abrasion that occured the last time during s_x. hope this helps :)


jc - May 4

Hi am in the same boat as all of u I have been with my boyfriend for 12 years never had bleeding befor with him about a year ago I started having s_x with an old friend from high school we see each other twice a month and every time im with him i start bleeding what is up with that I need some ansewers


:) - May 4

I have had the same problem with bleeding after s_x. It usually happens when we have rougher s_x then normal or when i hadnt had s_x in a very long time. My GYN said to us KY or some other kind of lubercant. She also said that it could be caused by thining of the walls of the v____a and with more s_x it would sorta build up and the bleeding should stop. If not to come back and see her. Hope this helps.


Chata - July 7

i am kinda going thru the same thing.. for about the last two months i have been having s_x and now after words i get like a dark... tan color of spotting on my underwear.. i am really scared... its alot when we are rough but theres still some when were not.... any help???


Mia - September 17

I have a problem too..please someone give me answers, i havent had s_x in a while and when i did last week the next day i noticed when i went to the bathroom was this yellow long bloody mucus came out from my v____a and later in the day i noticed cramping on my both sides near the pelvic area, but the next day i was fine. Further in the week I had a stomoach ache and feeling very dizzy and like i wanted to vommit and i finally did. The other wierd thing that has happened was yesterday out of nowhere i was laying on my bed and all the sudden this whole amout of water cam out from my v____a by itself like i was peeing but it wasnt pee just water clear water...please help! Could I be pregnant?


Rachel - September 18

Try changing positions


krista - September 19

After having s_x with my boyfriend i have been bleeding slightly sometimes it won't and then it appears sometimes it would smell could you help me?


krista - September 19

i don't know if you would be able too answer this. whenever i have s_x with my boyfriend he would break in me but i wouldn't get pregnant y is dat?


nataly - September 25

why did i spot after i had s_x ? it has never happened to me before


D - September 25

I had considerable bleeding after s_x last night. Not severe though. First time we have had that problem, I am 26 weeks along. It wasn't rough, just, I guess you would say, deep, which is not uncommon. The nurse said it was probably due to increased blood flow due to the pregnancy. And that he had probably bumped into my cervix which caused it to bleed. She said it would stop & be brownish by this morning and it was. She said not to worry, it was very common. We will certainly be very careful from now on! And we will wait until after I see the doctor next week before we do anything else. So, be careful ladies!


Julie - October 8

I had s_x two nights ago. yesterday i began to notice dark brown spotting. Yesterday I again had s_x and have continued to be brown spotting throughout the day. Today was my od and i know the past couple days was when I was most fertile. I'm wondering if implantation bleeding can occur only a couple days after s_x?


PrincessDade305 - August 5

I been spotting blood for 3 days after me and my boyfriend had s_x(3 days earlier) and i already had my period 2 weeks before. Can someone tell me what that means.



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