This May Be Misplaced But I Need Help

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afireinsideamanda - September 5

I used this site so much when i was preggo with my first daughter, but i doubt anyone remembers me, or that the same ladies may still be here, either way, h__lo and thank you for reading! my problem is that ive been off of the birth control pill for two days now...and have no idea what to expect. I stopped taking the Necon 1/35 pills because it was making me moody, and my libido was non existant...causing problems between my fiance and I. So like I said, quit taking them. Need to know what is going to happen with my body. likelihood of getting preggo?any symptoms i should be aware of? THANKS!!!


Malica - September 6

Some women experience what seems to be increased fertility after stopping the birth control pill while others it will take a while to get back on track. There's really no way to tell which you will be so it's time to find an alternative form of birth control. I've heard that BCPs that have varying amounts of hormones in each have less of a chance of killing your libido, but I'm in the same boat as you -- after 3 months of being back on the pill my libido was absolutely gone, so we sadly have gone back to condoms as much as we both hate them. Maybe after a few cycles of using condoms you'll be regular enough to use natural family planning (rhythm method), but until then you should find a more reliable method. Your cycles might be a bit messed up when you stop taking the BCP -- especially if you stopped half way through a pack and not on the white pills. I don't recall having any other symptoms, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were some PMS-like symptoms. BTW, I do remember you, although I don' t know if you'd remember me because I think I lurked for my first two trimesters. lol.


afireinsideamanda - September 6

:) thank you!!! no, your name doesnt look familiar. wish i could say it does!!!! ill definitely be on here when i have my next one:D its sucha wealth of information!!



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