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Carmen - May 8

My boyfriend and I have been having s_x and trying to concieve. We have a hug problem. He can never get in!! We've just started trying but its happend about 4 times...I keep thinking Im too tight. I dont know what to do. We really want to have our baby, but we need to be able to have s_x correctly first. Any suggestions, we are at a lost. Thanks!


to Carmen - May 8

i have sort of the say problem (except im not trying to have a baby), me and my boyfriend try to have s_x all the time, however he can never get it in. It's never been inside me once, im thinking theres something wrong with me!


try some.... - May 8



err - May 8

more practice??? a baby will come out, so a p___s will certainly go in...BE SAFE, use protection


=) - May 9

Try 4 play first. Not to be gross, but that way you can be wet naturally and the insertion process will be easier. And KY jelly works good too. Good luck!


Jbear - May 9

Some women have such a thick hymen that it has to be surgically removed before they can have s_x. If you really can't get it in, you might have your gynocologist examine you.


Carmen - May 9

Thanks for the boyfriend doesnt try to make me feel bad, but everytime he asks "Why are u so tight?"..i feel like something is wrong with me. It's very frustrating. But if he just puts the head in...or as much as can go and leaves it there and c_ms, could we get pregnant?


milika - May 10

Carmen, first get married to the man before having a baby. U really sound depserate doing this.


sandra - May 12

Carmen, relax - s_x is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, and it can take practice to make it good. Try foreplay. He can insert one finger first, and then two, and see how that feels. You may be tensing up too much, because you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself.


Diane - May 12

Why are you trying to have a baby with a guy you've only had s_x with 4 times?


Brent - May 22

The problem right now is that you don't know what the problem is. However, there is actually a simple way to find out. Your boyfriend can use his fingers inside you and he will find out first hand. He needs to do the normal foreplay first so that you are aroused. When you are ready he needs to use plenty of lubricant on his fingers like KY Jelly. He should use one finger first then try two fingers. If your hymen is blocking then he'll be able to feel this with two fingers. My sister-in-law didn't have s_x until she was 30 and hers was apparently too thick to tear just from penile pressure after she got married; she had to have her hymen surgically removed. If two fingers works okay then he can try to put in a third. Depending on how thick his p___s is and how thick his fingers are at some point he should reach about the same thickness as his p___s. For example, I wear a size large in gloves and two of my fingers inserted all the way would be about the same thickness as a 'D' battery. However, my p___s is thicker than this so it would take three of my fingers inserted all the way. If his p___s is extremely thick or his fingers are smaller it could take four fingers inserted all the way. I know this sounds huge but four of my fingers are the same as my p___s thickness if only partially inserted; if inserted all the way then four fingers would be larger. You should be able to judge this before you start once he is fully erect. His fingers are much better for this than using a vibrator because he can feel what is going on. If your hymen isn't blocking and you are just too tight then you try the next step. You should use a vibrator on your c___toris while he continues to use his fingers inside you. If he were experienced enough he could do oral on you while using his fingers at the same time; but he doesn't sound very experienced so it would probably be easiest for you to stimulate yourself. As you get more aroused you should loosen some and be able to take more fingers. If he reaches the same thickness with his fingers as his p___s size then he can simply seize the moment and insert his p___s. If he doesn't reach the same thickness you'll have to repeat this exercise as often as possible until he can. When you are fully aroused and close to orgasm you will be able to handle stretching with fingers that would be too uncomfortable when not aroused. You will eventually be large enough even if your boyfriend needs a Magnum sized condom.



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