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ashmike2 - September 25

I am 18 years old,and me and my boyfirnd would like to have a baby,but am i too young?


inuk-mama - September 26

hun, I would enjoy being 18 for now. Seriously, you have your whole life to have children, there is no need to do it now. Wait a while and enjoy your time as a free, young woman. Because everything changes once you become a mother.


kay101 - September 26

If you two were married, I would say go for it. I would wait until that happens though. It makes having kids a lot less complicated.


joon - September 27

get married first!!! good luck!!


sugarlips - October 7

YOUR NOT EVEN 19 YET!!! You have so much ahead of you sweetie, take your time if it happens it happens but its best to wait you have so much life to enjoy and that first! I am only 20 and just about to have my first baby, i dont know what i would have done when i was 18 i did so much when i was 19 and am missing out on stuff now that i can't do with my friends..not saying i regret it at all...i just would have done things a little differently.....


Emz - October 18

i am in sort of the same situation but my boyfriend is a little older than me and i also dont know what to do. i think if thats what you want and your happy together and can see yourself together in the future then this is a positive stage towards having a baby :)


tish212 - October 18

I think if u have to ask someone else if u r too young then u already know the answer. work on ur relationship with ur bf.... and once u 2 r 100% confident on ur own that a baby is what u truly want then go for it...until then enjoy ur life .... gl


Kayla13 - October 21

Are you sure he is the one you want to have your kids with, I would wait til you got married because what if things dont work out and he is just playing games with you and telling you what you want to hear. Plus live your life as a normal 18 year old because you will have that child until they turn 18 and you want everything to be perfect for them.... So WAIT til you are MARRIED



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