Tossing His Salad

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pam - April 12

I have had my salad tossed (when a man licks your a** from the back) by my husband several times I'm thinking of returning the favor just not sure if he would like it or be upset that I even tried.( some men are sensitive about there butts)


Ca__sie - April 12

Well ive had it done to me b4 and I was curious like you and I did it to him…and he like it but its not something that we do often only when we really get down .But it was nothing nasty if you give oral s_x then you can get used to doing that


haha - April 12

DONT do it girl something in my mind say it will be a sh**ed situation. so DONT DO IT GIRL it might be bad for your health to girl.


minnie - April 13

stay NORMAL. Anyways ca__sie I have also had it done to me and I have done it to my husband. pam it's a great feeling letting your husband know that there's no limit to the love you to have for each other. (I call it his treat) my husband does it to me all the time.


karen - April 13

i think it's great to have a person that you love and love you enoght to share that with. i have had it done to me but i have yet to return the favor. i think thats a for sure way to know if a woman loves her man.


joanna - April 13

OMG!!! what does it feels like. is it the same as the front or is it something that you just have to expereince. i'll talk to my husband to night. HAHAHA I might be telling you guys how it feels


Like it - April 13

it actually feels really goodit different then when he licks you in front but ive done ot to my man and as Minnie said it's he treat.I f your married and if its the man you love why not try things that you normally wouldnt do with your boyfriend it also another way to spice things up and sometimes its things they want to try but are afraid to asks.I like and alot of women like it .


MizNusty - April 17

I say go for it as long as you don't mind the taste of c___p. You should taste a little of your own to find out before you lick his. **Also tell him not to eat corn the day you do that.***


A - April 20

What makes it any different getting your a** licked then getting your pu**y licked? They both are for bodily functions? It all about the pleasure people everyone likes different things. Some people are just too scared to get too kinky, but men love it when a girl isnt afraid to try new things. Doesnt mean she has to like them but it never hurt anyone to try.


Helo every1 - April 20

OMG i love gettin my a__s licked it feels so gd i aint afraid to try new things in the bedroom however i aint done it to my man yet mayb i shud return the favour!! Sooo gd bi bi xx


T. - April 20

Wow, that is gross! What if he pa__ses gas while you're licking his b___t? Wouldn't that make you throw up? Just thinking about that alone makes me never, ever want to try that!


yo - April 21

Look ladies it is gd gettin ur a__s licked but im not sure if i would do it on my man though wen he first done it to me it came as a surpirse (nice surprise!!) Wel ne actually licked their mans a__s bfore an if u have wa it like??


*********** - April 21

ive done it to my man and he likes it so do i but it not something that i do to him everytime it is a once in a blue moon


** - April 21

I should have my husband to that to me. Maybe it will help my hemmeroids.


Truth - April 22

The best time to catch then off guard is when hes comming out the shower and when he goes to dry of have him go in the room and you wipe him off and then you should start the exploring.You will like it even more he will like it.


Bump - April 26

Bumpity bump


Tammy - April 26

I would never do it to by husband, but he loves my a__s. He is always putting his finger in it and wants to have a___l s_x. I wouldn't mind him licking it at all, he would never do it. . He doesn't like performing oral s_x at all.



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