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Lou - February 1

I have recently stopped taking my pill because I want to get pregnant. My boyfriend doesn't know though, it will be a suprise for him when I fall. Do you think it is bad for me to suprise him this way?


Ca__s - February 1

you should tell him. You both should be ready for this when it happens. It is not fair to him.


Lou - February 1

the thing is I know he wants us to have babies, but the time will never be right for him. I dont want to wait ages, I dont want to be an old mum - I'm ready now! I know that if I told him i was pregnant he would be happy becuase he has been when I've had pregnancy scares in the past. But actually planning it is another thing to him altogether. Still I dont want to come accross as one of these girls trying to trick her bloke, does that make sense?


Ca__s - February 1

Talk with him about it. My husband was not to into it either at first. Do you guys have intensions of staying together and gettting married?


Lou - February 1

Yes definitely, we are already looking at houses, we are gonna buy together. We have talked about marriage but neither of us are that bothered about it, we feel that buying a house and just being together is good enough for us, because we love each other. We may do it one day though!! And see my point is I know we are solid, so it wouldn't be like I'm trying to trap him, we've already decided to spend the rest of our lives together, I'm just taking it upon myself to do something that I'll wait a long time for it we have to wait until "the time is right" When is the right time? Is there any such thing?


Ca__s - February 1

That sounds great. You get flutters when you know it is the right time. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to have a baby, but I was just scared about money, and the change in my life. Now, I am excited. I guess the right time would be when you think about taking care of a baby and that you want to embrace the change it will have in your life to have a baby.


Kristy - February 1

Yes you psycho is wrong!!!! What kind of person tricks someone in to getting them pregnant???? If he wanted to have a baby with you...he would suggest it. How would you feel if someone tricked you? This isn't play school. You are talking about a child's life here. Grow up! It is obvious you aren't ready for a still act like one! You think becuz you aren't getting your way you will trick him into it. Mature grown people do not behave that way. I feel sorry for this guy you are seeing!


Danni - February 2

Oh and calling someone a pyscho b___h is really mature isn't it Kristy!!!!! No I don't think that Lou should get pregnant without her boyfriend knowing, but jesus girl you don't talk to someone like that - I feel sorry for any guy that dates you....


Lou - February 2

Well as a matter of fact, after posting on here yesterday and hearing the advice from Ca__s, I went straight home and discussed this with my boyfriend like a 'grown up' and he was upset that I hadn't discussed it with him already, and felt that I needed to do it that way. And after a long talk we have now BOTH agreed that we want a baby, so thats exactly what we're gonna do...and we're both dead excited!!!!!


Ca__s - February 2

That was a bit harsh there Kristy. I understand your point that , yes, it is very wrong to do that. Having a child is very seriouls commitment and if both people are not ready (or have a clue it is going to happen) then is shouldn't happen. This person came here for advice, so obviously it did sit right with her so she seeked our help.


Tiffany Sowle - February 17

You need to tell him. You can't keep it from him because you need to sit down and plan on how you are going to take care of the baby. Kids cost a lot of money and if you are not ready then it will be really hard



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