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lovely_21 - January 19

my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for about 6 months, everytime we have s_x and he goes in me it seems to come out. I dont get up after i try to stay in bed for a while but even then it seems to come out like if non of it stays in. I heard that if you put pillows or something to support you butt up it will stay in but it still comes out no matter what! i'm starting to feel and so is he that i cant get pregnant... i wanna know from some people if mayb this happen to then but yet they got pregnant, all i want is a kid now we are ready and cant wait but i dont know if it will be possible....please help me!!


clindholm - January 20

What goes up must come down. Just don't get up for 20 minutes after s_x. 6 months is NOT a long time trying to conceive.


Andraia - January 20

Yea, it'll come out regaurdless but it doesn't mean that all of it is actually coming out. Sperm is able to stay up there and keep on swimming for a few days. Something I suggest is try having s_x before you sleep that way you stay laying down for a good amount of hours. But I wouldn't worry about not being able to have kids hun, it takes time, and when you're totally focused on it, its going to feel like forever. Think positively, you will have a baby, just keep saying that to yourself, instead of worrying about not having on... be excited to have one instead. I'm a strong believer that positive thoughts lead to positive results :) Hope I helped some what, but good luck with your journey!


Brenna - January 21

When my husband and I were trying to get pregnant the first time,I always had my orgasm after he had his,we had watched a show on how reproduction works and they said that was the purpose of the female orgasm,to suck the sperm into your cervix,and it showed how it worked.It must have worked,because it only took a month for me to get pregnant.Also,make you sure you have s_x a couple of days before you expect to ovulate,that way sperm will be in the fallopian tubes when you release your egg.



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