Trying To Save A Friend Hope You Guys Have The Answer

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Just helping a friend - January 11

I'm a mother of a 1 year old daughter so I have a little experience on this but I would like to make sure with others. My friend has a girlfriend (long distance) and on 12/28/04 (Tuesday) she came to our town and that first night they had s_x. He said that they didn't use a condom for the next couple of days (now they do). A week later, she finds out she's pregnant. Can you really find out THAT fast?! He told me that her menstrational cycle is at the end of every month. She got it in November and she was suppose to get it at the end of Dec but didn't. I asked him if he's sure its his and he said because she got checked a week before she got here. NOW CHECK THIS OUT... Why would she need to get checked before getting here if she's pregnant?! Unless she likes to check for fun (I'm thinking she's cheating)?? I know it takes about 3 to 7 days AFTER s_x until the egg is finally attached to the tube or whatever.. I know it takes time until you find out you're pregnant. My question is, do you think it was my friend who got her pregnant? I honestly think she was pregnant before she even got here! I need someone's advice/answers because I don't want him to have a responsibility that wasn't even his in the first place!


Just helping a friend - January 11

oh yeah I forgot to add, I think the reason why it came out neg when she said that she got checked a week before she got here because I think it was too early to detect (since she gets her period at the end of the month). You can check to see AFTER you miss your period right? She came here the week OF her period but never got it. and then a week later she finds out she is and he's thinking it's his. I honestly think it's not. What do you guys think??


Annon. - January 11

Well, two possibilities. If she did not have her period, she was already pregnant OR her cycle was just off (it happens.. women arn't calendars.) I would say though if the next week she took a preg test and it was positive, I am thinking she was already pregnant before your friend slept with her.


Lana - January 12

I deffinately think that she was already pregnant. Tell your friend to take her on Maury; so we can all know the result!!


sssss - January 13

Definatly pregnant before



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