Uncomfortable Sex

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Glasschicky - March 24

I am 7 months pregnant now and my husband and I don't have s_x very often at all. My interest in s_x has severley decreased throughout my pregnancy. When my husband and I do get intimate I find that no matter what position I am in I get shooting lightning pains across my belly, sometimes low down, sometimes in the middle....I am not a high risk pregnancy and when I saw my doctor nearly a month ago she said everything was okay. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing these weird pains and if you know of any way to relieve them? I have tried changing positions and even not continuing s_x but the pain lasts for a while after sometimes hours... just confused and not sure what the pain is. They are not braxton hicks, more like lightning pains... any advice would be helpful:)


A.S - March 30

i remember having those pains i am sure you will be fine like the doctor said i really never tired to relieve them have you tried the side by side position i know that worked the best for me well hope i helped good luck


Gla__schicky - March 31

Hi A.S, yes we have tried that position which is where I find I get the most pain in my sides. Thanks for the advice though:)


Kiersten - April 3

Have you tried googling "positions for s_x while pregnant"? I know I had a awful time finding a comfortable position. That big Buddha belly is hard to get around! lol Hands and knees worked best for me. GL with the rest of your pregnancy and congrats!


Gla__schicky - April 3

Thanks Kiersten! The hands and knees works well but with the awful sciatica it does get uncomfortable after a while, oh well we'll see!


momma mia - May 6

I have exactly the same problem!! I can never get comfortable, and if i am lucky enough to do that, its very painful for s_x. My fiancee is getting very annoyed, and i cant be anymore unhappy about the situation either. He isnt very open to changing prositions to accomodate my pain. On a personal level, i enjoy rougher, deeper s_x, but can never find the ease and comfort to go through with it.


Gla__schicky - May 6

I am due on May 29th so it's so close, everytime I have s_x it is painful no matter what position I am in and I always get awful cramping or v____al pressure afterwards. The fact that your fiancee is getting annoyed with you is very selfish and the fact that he wont change positions...once again, I find very selfish. S_x during pregnancy is no walk in the park and he should understand that, especially as you get bigger and the weight and discomfort kick in... give him a slap next time he complains and tell him to not be so selfish!! That's what I would do!



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