Unprotected Sex With 2 Guys 3 Weeks Apart. Please Help!!

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Strawbsncream - January 31

I know I should have been more careful etc but I'm really stuck!! 

I have a 28 day cycle and my last period was 18th to 22nd December. My periods are always on time or even early!  On 23rd to 25th December I had sex with guy A multiple times and he came inside of me every time. On January 13th I had sex with guy B, but straight after I had sat on the toilet for a little while as I didnt expect him to ejaculate in me. The same day of January 13th I experienced strong abdominal pains for an hour or 2, but didnt think anything of it. On the 15th, my period never came and I tested on 17th and had a negative  , tested on 21st got 2 negatives! I was experiencing light pregnacy symptoms a few days before my period was due and on the week of my pissed period I was experience more syptoms of pregnancy. I had my first positive on 29th jan. I had a scan today and they said they could only see a 4mm sac and nothing else as of yet and then done an internal scan and said I could be around 5 weeks. The second nurse said to come back in 2 weeks to find out how far along I am and she then said I  very early around 4 weeks, if that! Another thing I should mention as well is that when I have sex and my period is due at least 3 days time, i always end up coming on early right there and then and this never happened this guy B. I'm struggling to work out who would have gotten me pregnant because I never got my BFP until a few days ago, but at the same time surely the nurses wouldn't have been been able to see that much if guy B was responsible. 


Thanks! X 



Grandpa Viv - February 1

Strawbs, on a 28 day cycle you would have ovulated around New Year and Guy B was on the scene far too late to be in contention. The fact that he failed to bring on an early period kind of confirms you were already pregnant. Good luck with the next scan. Weeks of pregnancy are normally counted from last period Dec 18th. even tho the egg was not fertilized until two weeks later. 



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