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xxx123 - January 31

hey i have one doubt, some times my menstrual cycle length changes from 26 to 35or 40 days, is menstrual cycle length will change the ovulation period also or will it be same.


jldaniels - February 1

yes, it will change your ovulation date. Ovulation occurs 14 days before your period not after. If you are using ovulation as a form of birth control or as a way to get pregnant you really need to do some reading on this. I feel really stupid because I had a wonderful book on and I can't remember the name of it. Anyway, I used it to keep from getting pregnant because I had circulation problems with Birth Control and would get infectiond from condoms. Then when me and hubby decided we wanted one it worked like a charm knowing my fertile days.


xxx123 - February 1

thanks jldaniels, hey im also reading regarding fertility throught the internet with the help of some sites, but i didnt get proper info about the question i asked above, anyway thank u


SaraH - February 2

As jldaniels said, ovulation, in all women, almost always occurs about 13 days (you get your period on day 14) prior to your next period. This can vary by a day or two but it is almost always around that 13 day mark. My dh and I use the Creighton model of Fertility as birth control and to get pregnant, ---it's a method of Natural Family Planning. We used it as b.c. for 2 yr's w/ no problem and then used it to get pregnant -we had 2 m/c but got pregnant 1st try w/ both of those, and got pregnant the 2nd month we tried w/ this pregnancy). The method teaches you all about ovulation and how to know when you're ovulating by CM. It works really well for both avoiding and achieving pregnancy as it really takes the guess work out of it –plus our medical insurance paid for the cla__ses to learn it and once you know it, it really doesn’t cost you anything as you don’t need to buy anything for it. So if you're interested do a google search on in and you'll find the main site for it.



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