Very Lonely And Sexually Frustrated

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hayleybug8 - June 21

Please no judging.....I am 26 weeks pregnant. My bf(baby's father) left me some time ago. I recently started talking to an old friend. He and I were never intimate but he has been hinting that he wants to have s_x and he says he finds pregnancy attractive. I'm not really wanting a long term relationship but I am SO incredibly s_xually frustrated that I'm seriously considering having s_x with him. I do things to please myself but it's not the same. We agreed it would be hush hush because of my situation and ppl do judge a woman. Just curious as to what you guys think. Please don't try to make me feel like c__p!


JESS1980 - June 21

I say "Go for it!" You are both adults, you both agree that there will be "no strings attached", and you both agree to be discreet about it. I don't see a problem. Actually, you're probably being more s_xually responsible than most young least you're thinking about it first. And, at least you don't have to worry about getting pregnant! :-)


sunshyne9 - June 21

Hey HAYLEYBUG8 I say go for it too.. Let me tell you Iam soooooo h__ythis pregnancy it's not even funny.. And let me tell you if my b/f wasn't around I would definately be having a little sumthing sumthing going on. .. and b/c its onlywith one person it's awesome. You know men if you say you only want s_x from them it's cool with them.. and hey being s_xually frustrated isn't pleasant and pleasing yourself can onlycut it for soo long lol.. good luck and have fun...


dy - June 25

you are both adults, and both consenting adults. and believe me i understand the frustration. but do you think your hormones might make it a little more difficult than usual to just have a s_xual relationship. i'm so emotional right now about everything that i know i couldnt do it


lexa - June 26

hayleybug8...go for it! A woman has needs also just like men and ours need to be met too! Let someone else please you now. On the flip side of don't have to worry about getting pregnant (as Jess1980 said:-) At least you are being safe and cautious about it.


venus_in_scorpio - June 26

i dont think theres anything wrong with that - i HEAR ya! but like dy says just make sure the hormones dont make the situation more emotional than you can handle. :O)



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