Waht Are The Chances I M Pregnant

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99 - September 9

My boyfriend and I were messing around on Sunday,and he might of precame inside me, I didnt know you could get pregnant this way. If he peed twice earlier that day and I was close to having my period what are the chances of me getting pregnant? I'm still a virgin because we didnt go all the way through with it.I'm really scared and worried and I know that is a good way to make your period late, which it is but that isnt unusual for me because my period has a very messy schedule.


Viv - September 8

If precame means premature ejaculation and your v____a got filled with sperm, this is bad. Him peeing makes no difference. You close to having your period is good. You having a messy schedule is bad. You don't really know if you were close to having your period. If you can get emergency contraception today it might help ( a hormone pill that works 75% of the time if taken within 72 hours). You are going to have to wait this one out for at least another week. If you got pregnant you might start having symptoms like sore b___sts and tiredness a week or two from now. Don't waste money on pregnancy tests until then. It sounds as though you and he are about to take things to a higher level. Sit down and plan out your contraceptive practices and rehearse them ahead of time. Double up on contraception, condoms plus another. Enjoy!


99 - September 8

No ""precame"" doesnt mean he came too early it means that liquid that comes out before he actually c_ms, the stuff that lubricates it so the c_m comes out easier.


brucen - September 8

If there are sperm in the urethra from a previous ejaculation, then pre-ejuculate (pre-c_m) could push them through the p___s before a guy actually comes. So, it's possible for pre c_m to carry a s_xually transmitted infection or cause pregnancy. Urinating immediately before lessens the likelihood even more that you will become pregnant or contract an STD, but there is still a slight chance. Wrap it up EVERYTIME.


99 - September 9

Thanks so much and believe me next time we will be safe, but that wont be happening for a long time!



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