Wanting To Know If It Is Wise To Consider Cum As Pre Cum

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massielle - March 25

I'm 23 years old, I have been dating my boyfriend for about 2 years now. About a year ago I found that I had cells that could be pre-cancerous (I honestly do not remember the actual diagonisis because I was too worried about it and am leaving it for another time, it has something to do with 'squamous-something...the doctor had stated that if I didn't take care of it that's when it would turn into cancer)...it lead to cancer in the uterus/va___al area...I have had intercourse with my boyfriend and sometimes there has been pre-c_m that has gotten in me. I was wondering if me having this 'pre-cancerous' diagonose is why everytime that I happened to have s_xual intercourse with my boyfriend, I haven't gotten pregnant? This might be very irresponsible of me but the reason why I am asking about this is because I have friends that are engaged and tell me about how 'good' it is to let their guy c_m in them. I was wondering, if I didn't get pregnant on pre-c_m should I try the inside ejaculation since I haven't gotten pregnant with the pre-c_m? OR is this plain 'stupid' on my side? I guess the curiosity of knowing how this feels is kind of bothering me with the itch of knowing and wanting to try this...pretty much also does pre-c_m hold sperms or is it just the actual c_m? So basically should I treat c_m as lightly as pre-c_m??


erica - March 25

Pre-c_m holds sperm. If your planning on getting pregnant then go for it. If you don't. Don't even think about it.


ok - March 29

Why you are putting off treatment is beyond me, it sounds early enough to do something about. Yet your most pressing concern is how ejaculation inside you would feel? I am only answering this question in hopes that someone else who doesn't know the difference will be helped. Pre c_m or pre ejaculate does contain sperm but not as much the actual ejaculate or c_m. So having your bf ejaculate inside you increases your chances of getting pregnant. Basically you should not treat it as lightly as pre c_m. You may not have been ovulating and that is why you have not become pregnant. it certainly sounds like you are taking all the necessary steps to become pregnant. In case you do become pregnant why don't you get yourself healthy so that you can take care of the baby. Good Luck!


Daisy Jean - March 31

I'm not sure I understand your question. If you want to feel your boyfriend come inside you, get tested, go on thepill and have at it. Maybe I'm missing the point are you trying to get pregnant?



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