WAS I Raped

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lost in Texas - January 12

I have been wondering about this for a long time and i need to know what someone else thinks. My BF of 2and a half years cheated on me and we sopped talking for a good while. Then we started talking again and then he was gone for a couple days. Well when he left i was crushed yet again. Me and a friend went out with a guy friend of ours and went to a party I got SOO drunk and i did some drugs cause i was so depressed about the situation I was in (im not saying it was ok but i did it) I also took another drug that makes you forget what happens in the morning or a little of what happened.I had to be home by 2:30 but i ended up sneaking out to go back to the party. he picked me up. Well i remember him wanting to have s_x and me saying no. When we got back to the party he gave me some more beer and like dumb ass i drank. i did not want to have s_x i just wanted to sleep and he kept persisting and soon i just got so tired of pushing him off i passed out. I remember goin in and out of sleep. I know we had s_x. I cant tell my BF. Yeah we got back together. But was i raped. I cant tell my BF cause he would kill that guy. was i raped or was i dumb? WAIT I KNOW I WAS DUMB!!!! But was i raped?


xxxxx - January 13

If you said No and you are sure you said no then yes you were


Gyrl - January 20

That was very insensitive of you Heather....This young lady obviously was looking for some help and support...not cruel words...Have a heart...or stop posting


anon - January 24

Who cares if you were raped. You can't change that. But you can smarten up.


KoKo - January 24

its called Date rape..if the man put something in your drink...heres a tip dont leave your drink and where and go back for it..or dont let ppl bring you a drink goo with them or get it yourself.


nagem - January 27

You were raped NO MEANS NO, no matter what the situation is, none of that matters. I would tell my boyfriend because that guy deserves to get put in his place. But thats what i would do. Would you rather him hear it from one of the guys instead of you? Because most people would be more mad if that situation occured ya know?


amy - January 28

that is a heartless thing to say anon u cant even leave ur name sad person if u said no then yes it is rape


Jill - January 28

yes. I hope your not pregnant


kat - January 28

you need to report this man before he does it again


the answered - January 31

if u woke up naked or feel like u had s_x.. then yes he might have raped u... it's raped if a woman said no and the man keep pushing to have s_x.. and if u woke up between time seeing him on u then yes u been raped.... i think u should tell ur bf since that happen before u two hook up again it's not ur fault. it's was jux a night of mistake.. don't blame urself u didn't want to have s_x wid him.. he raped u..


Andi - February 1

It was definately rape- you can press charges- you should have gone to the police so that they could have taken s____n samples- No means No!


mary - February 2

yes you were rapped by what sounds like a preditor who prays on young women in the weakest hour .if i were you i would get tested for s_xually transmitted diseases. It's more than likely not the first time he's done this and wont' be the last. worn your friends about him and people like him. you should never be alone, or leave friends alone with a guy when in that state. us girls have to look after each other


Krystal - February 27

No is No! you are not dumb, you were raped. How long ago did this happen? U should tell someone, do get a rape kit done (if it wasn't 2 late). I was raped before. I never told anyone and now i have to live with this for the rest of my life cause i didnt' tell anyone or put him away. I have problems with relationships cause now i have trust issues now. But for your own good i'd do something about it. Dont let him get away with it. Please.


Shawna - March 3

I know what it is to be raped, and you were raped. Did you make some bad choices, yes, but he crossed the line. I don't know if it was in s_x-ed or what, but I believe the law is that if one of you are intoxicated, and not in the right mind to concent to anything, then it is automatically cla__sified as rape, just as statutory rape is rape, even if the underaged person concents.


Shawna - March 3

...In addition...don't put yourself in that position again. Forgive yourself and move on. That relationship with your boyfriend, though, doesn't seem healthy either. Drugs and alcohol should never be used as an escape, and if you feel you need to forget, then maybe the relationship is toxic. Just think about it.


Jesse - March 11

After reviewing what other comments people have made i feel it is naiive to say u were stupid. people take drugs, yeah it's dumb, but they do it. hunni YES u were raped. It's probably a bad idea to go out with ur ex as well if he cheated on u. be strong whatever happens x x x x x


J - March 14

Sounds like date rape but if you don't remember anything how do you know you didn't consent to the s_x?



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