Water Springing From Your Vagina

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lisa - March 6

what is the watery liquid that comes out of your va___a when you are having s_x


BBK - March 7

Are you referring to female ejaculation? It's not conclusive but research shows it is a substance with the same biochemical properties as urine


Cherry - March 24

Sounds like ur ejaculating to me...


gary - March 24

hey lisa that is not ejaculation, its pee pee


pdid - March 25

It is possible that it is female ejaculation. It sounds gross but sometimes its called "squirting" and not everyone can do it. I personally have done it once, and was confused b/c it seemed like i had urinated. It can be embarrasing, but congrats that must have been one heck of an orgasm!


lili - March 25

It cervical mucus. There's times when its more watery than other day. It's normal, and no its not pee, pee.


da_wabbit - March 28

No it is not urine. Yes all women can do it, atleast all the women I have had s_x with. Relax and let it go, just warn your guys from now on. Personally I think it's s_xy as hell...


To Lisa - March 29

it is normal, and not all women can do it, it depends on the Man as well. If he get's to the "spot" you can't control it, it just happens. I was shocked the first time, but my BF knows exactly how to get me to that point and he says it really turns him on.


~S~ - March 29

No it's not pee lol...it's called "female ejaculate" or something like that. It's a different substance than pee. It has a different smell than pee, it actually doesn't smell like pee at all. So that's one way of telling. Not many woman know how to do this, I'm not even sure how it happens for myself, but it does and quite often. my bf loves it. One time I was on top of him and it squirted pretty far, up to his shoulders lol..I was amazed and it turned him on big time, he ended up having a huge orgasm haha....So don't worry about it, just consider yourself lucky lol.


it's not pee - April 15

it's not pee, it's female ejaculation. it doesn't smell like pee, so it's not pee. it's very similar to pee BUT IT'S NOT!


Gustavs - June 22

It IS known as 'female ejaculate'. It is a body fluid that is mixed with urine from the bladder when peeing. However, during s_x, 'valves' in the bladder close to prevent creating a spermicidal environment. All women can learn to do this; two important steps are to exercise the muscle you use to stop peeing in mid-stream (causing it to "squirt" farther) and to know your body well enough to know the difference between this and peeing. Many women feel the need to pee, so they 'shut-off' to save the embaressment. It has no smell and tastes very sweet. It feels much different than a c___toral orgasm and it can be very productive. It is most easily acheived with the partner inserting two middle fingers, pads up, and lightly(at first) making the 'come here' motion while gently pushing the lower abdomen, just above the pubic mound, down onto the tips of yur fingers. Partners, you should be able to feel the bladder when pushing your fingers all the way in. Back of a little and perform the come here just below, barely touching the bottom of the bladder with each straightening. The most important things to remember - 1sttake your time, you will want to rush, just make her wait, wait, and eait some more and 2nd, it isn't going to happen the first time you try!


Jason - June 22

Yes, it's "girl c_m". When my girl and I are having s_x, especially when she's on top, I can hit her G spot and when she explodes, her fluid comes all over me. I tease her in an intimate way, I ask her to 'juice me'. She loves it, but it has mostly happened when she is on top. I always look forward to her c_mming on me, it IS a turn on.



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