What Are The Odds

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anonymous - November 29

Here's my situation: I am 17 and a virgin, so is my boyfriend, and we're waiting at least another year before having intercourse, but we have engaged in "outercourse" many times. There is a possibility that last Sunday he touched me with some sperm on his hand- I am not even sure of this, and if it was there it had been dry for 15 minutes to an hour or more (unfortunately I don't remember specifically because it only occured to me later that night that it might have happened.) It may have been his other hand or he may have washed his hands in between, so there is a good chance I'm worked up about nothing, but let's say theoretically there was some dry sperm on his hand. It's now the following Sunday and since then I've been driving myself crazy worrying, even though I know the chances of pregnancy are minute, and I've been having mild cramps and nausea, which I'm almost certain have been brought on by nerves alone. I'm not due for my period for another 2 to 3 weeks, and it's practically never regular, so I can't go on worrying like this without some reassurance! The nausea has wore off for most of the week, but it's returned today along with a persistent strange feeling in my abdomen. Logically there's very little chance, but I can't help worrying. Can someone please help me?


anonymous again - November 30

Well yesterday my stomach was in major turmoil, and today I was forced to stay home. I'm not having any physically noticable problems... nauseous but not throwing up, etc. I just feel horrible. Nausea starts the second I move and only goes away when I sleep. I can't bring myself to eat much until dinner, luckily I haven't been hungry at all, and when I do eat it feels like I just swallowed a ton of lead. Pepto Bismol is doing nothing to help. Right now I'm praying to god (which I haven't done in years) that it's a stomach virus. Logistically it must be, but it just doesn't feel that way. I don't know what to do anymore. Please, if anyone has some advice, I desperately need it.


redeem - November 30

I'm sorry to hear you're having troubles. I have 5 friends that got pregnant near your age that were completely caught off guard. It is possible that you are pregnant if he fingered you while there was sperm on his finger, but it's harder for that to happen when you're a virgin. you may just be sick and the stress is adding on to it. keep us posted ok?



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