What Has Happened To This Forum

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Helpless! - November 16

What has happened to the level of moral on this forum?? When I first discovered this site, I could come here to read about others in similar situations to mine, that wanted to offer support. Now, the only people I see posting and responding to posts are illiterate children! Is this the kind of people that is out there? Are these the children of the future?? That is a pretty scary thought! Most of these kids don't know how to spell, use proper grammar, or even basic s_xual education!!! It is very disturbing to see that this is what kind of people my baby will be surrounded in later in his life!


redeem - November 16

I agree with you. Unfortunately that's the trend now a days. As a matter of fact, I had just recently read an article saying that Natural Selection is changing us to propogate earlier in life, like in feudal times when girls as young as 10 would be bearing children. But that doesn't mean I have to like it. I'm currently talking with and giving support to a sweet 15 year old who is almost possitive she's pregnant. Those that do do things like this we should give our support to, not our malice. But girls as young as 9 should have been brought up better to know about s_x. Perhaps there should be a law pa__sed for strict birth control until the age of 18 unless otherwise given a liscense.


Agree! - November 16

I agree totally! It is very sad to see our youth as young as 9 years old being s_xual active! OMG! I was playing with my friends and doing little girl stuff at that age...certainly not thinking about s_x! Unfortunately, it is the reality of today's youth. I can only hope things will improve in the future.


L - November 17

Yeah it is very disturbing, I have to wonder if some of the stuff on here is someones idea of a joke!Its rediculous and if this children having s_x stuff is for real, that is scary.


Kris - November 17

I tend to think that some of this stuff would have to be made up. It is too frightening to think it is real!


Jessica - November 18

I agree with you redeem. A lot of the blame should be placed on the parents of these children. Where were the parents while their 9-year-old daughters were having s_x! And I too agree about birth control. I think until you are at the age of 17 you should not be allowed to get birth control without your parent’s consent. What ever happened to the motto "Just Say No" they campaign for drugs. Why can't it be the same campaign for s_x in young teens?? Just say no until you are grown and ready to handle all the responsibilities it brings....IE pregnancy, s_xually transmitted diseases?? Seems to me that we might have a better handle on things if that were the case!


Jacks - November 23

Yep! Scary isn't it?


agree with you - November 26

Even if the posts are made up they reflect the values of our seriously diseased society.


lil pimP - November 26

i started having s_x at the age 10 and havent regretted it one second, i've fathered probably 3 or 4 kids, but who's countin'? it's a dog eat dog world and im not the weaker dog


Krissy -- To Lil Pimp - November 29

EW!! You think that makes you cool becuz you are a nasty little kid?? That makes you disgusting! No real women will ever want you. You are trash!


Kerry - December 2

Helpless I agree with you 100% the sad thing is I'm going to be a first time parent and came here seeking support and a little understanding,most of the time I end up reading a bunch of c___p.Really disapointed with this forum!!! Think I'll look else where.


MELANIE - December 4

Well you know not everyone is like that some people are just imature, im 17 years old and 2 months preganant and i find this site alot of help to me, and it has been great support...


Haley - December 5

Hi girls, it seems that todays kids aren't being educated enough. There are questions being asked like 'if i gave my boyfriend a head-job and i swallowed his come can i be pregnant' and responses like 'yeh you could be but i heard it's painful coz the baby grows in your stomach instead of your womb'. What is happening with todays youth? I mean I am only 21 myself, I live in Australia and I was very well educated in all areas of s_xual education at a normal state school. I just hope that these kids get the answers they came here for, and i'll at least try to help them the best way I know how. I've been submitting answers trying to explain things in a straightforward way, I only hope it helps. What else are we meant to do from this end? It's really up to the childrens parents to educate them.


Buffalo - December 27

"Is this the kind of people that is out there?" poor grammar? You seem to be one of the illiterate children.


cool it!!! - December 28

yes, I think this"is the kind of people"


dont worry about it - December 29

well i'm not to sure where you all come from, but in Canada i heard on the news that teen pregnancy has gone down by about 5%, and i have to say it's better then nothing


Rani - January 14

I was totally shocked when i started to read some of the posting in this forum.. i thought i was here to learn or seek advise from other decent women.. after reading some of the posting, it sounds more like a gheto kind of web site or so!!! shame shame shame!!!



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