What S The Big Deal About Swallowing

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Alan - March 28

Why do women have a tough time swallowing? What is the big deal about it?


PP - March 28

Alan- masturbate into a cup and drink it. If you like the taste and the think wierd texture doesn't detest you then you can say whats the big deal. I personally think spitting is unlady like but I also require a chaser after the deed but before you judge us girls you try it.


Adam - March 28

does any of you ladys swallow?


autum - March 28

i do


lilmama - March 29

doesnt bother me a bit. Hey PP- make your man drink pineapple juice, it makes it taste better


to adam - March 29

what the hell does your question have to do with pregnancy - are you just getting off asking women if they swallow... get a life..


alan - March 29

didn't go in a cup but tasted it,,,, no big deal. No worse than what a girl tastes like, which btw we have no choice to taste. I don't mind it myself but just was curious what the hub bub is about it. Sorry that this is not a pregnancy issue there to the person who won't give there name, but it is a s_x question. Guess you didn't the first part of the forum name.


to Alan - April 1

seems to me than your partner/s/ has/have a hard time swallowing...so if this is the case....dont push it,that is the worst thing you can do. I myself cant take the taste of it, although I like giving b__w job...after all, I like it to ejected into my v____a not into my mouth.


PP - April 2

I'll try the pinnapple juice thing but personally it is not the atste so much as the thickness that makes me need a chaser. Alan if you just tasted the you have no idea what it is like to have that stuff stuck to the inside of your mouth. And as far as tasting women we have no choice but to taste men too. It is your choice to be down there and if you don't like it don't do it.


Michelle - April 15

I personally don't like the taste, it makes me gag. Some people don't mind it. Some people like it. I don't like spitting it out but I can't do anything about that. He can either watch me spit out his stuff or watch me vomit.


haha - April 15

i dont see nothing wrong if you want to swallowing it, but in my point of view i see alot wrong with it. it might taste nasty, it look as if it taste nasty. in the smell of it make it seem like it is nasty. so if you like it go for what you know but to me i will leave it along in leave it to the PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gross - April 15

i can't believe you all swallow its nasty. just think you are swalliowng body fluids ( sick ) its just as bad as eating a turd. and i hope all you pregnant woman are not swallowing, that cant be good for your unborn child.


slim - April 18

you swallow then ask us that question again. when men go down they don't get a mouth full of babys


sally - April 20

I don't see the big deal with swallowing either. I can perfectly understand a woman's choice not to do it, but I don't think it's as bad as some people are making it out to be. It's like taking a couple spoonfuls of medicine, very quickly. It doesn't really stick to my mouth because I swallow very quickly. Yes, it is true that the actual taste of it is not the best thing in the world, and it may indeed sound gross. But there are lots of things related to s_x that are gross. I think the important thing is to go along with whatever your partner feels comfortable with.


TR - April 22

Alan, you're a loser. The forum question may be S_x and Pregnancy, but the website is PregnancyInfo.net... Derr!! Leave this area for women who are actually interested in learning about how to have happy and healthy pregnancies and for those men who are interested in supporting them.


tai - April 22

the big deal is its nasty you can get a mouth infection dont put anything in your mouth thats not suposed to be there i


bonquisha - April 22

its nasty your sick!



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