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yes or no - September 13

my boyfriend and i had s_x for the first time and i was 2 weeks late on my period and we had thought i was pregnant. he was calm and a lil excited. i was so scared. then my period started and it was fine but it turned a lil brownish. i blew it off and my period came back the next month. i was a lil scared to have s_x after that and me and my boyfriend finally did start back. he says he wants a baby but i dont think we're ready. we were each others first and don't use protection any more (stupid and scary). do you think i should say i want to use protection? up to suggestions


ashb45 - September 13

yesss if you want protection be responsible and use it...its ur body and ur the one going to have to deal with the pregnancy and everything..if he doesnt respect that than he is no good :p always look out for urself..guys come and go..a baby is forever


Malica - September 14

Absolutely you should use protection and insist on it! He's not the one who would have to carry a baby 9 months (which for a lot of women is not a breeze), nor would he have to stick around after the baby is born if he changed his mind. I'm also guessing that you are probably still a teenager, so you really need to consider what is best in the long run -- for you, for him, and for any children you might have. Teenage parents are pretty good at making the best of a bad situation, but is that really fair to do to a kid? Shouldn't they have the best parents they could possibly have?


teresap - September 17

Definitely use protection until YOU are sure you are ready to raise a baby. Since you are not married, if you and your bf break up, are YOU prepared to raise a baby on your own? The bottom line is, don't have a baby until YOU are ready. Are you financially able to raise a baby on your own? Malica is correct in her answer about being fair to a kid. While it's true I'm single, I'm also at a different place in my life and am able to financially and emotionally support a child on my own, if need be. There are no guarantees that your bf will stick around.



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