When Is It Too Soon To Get Pregnant Again

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lora - February 20

i just gave birth to my little girl 4 months ago and my husband wants us to get pregnant again "so the kids can grown up together" is it too soon to get pregnant again?


To lora - February 20

Yes!! Considering it takes the average body 2 years to recover from a pregnancy- that is way too soon I think. Of the people I know that had babies closer together than 2 years, 17 months is about the closest. I'd wait at least 9-12 months if I were you to get used to your new baby and give your body some recovery time. They will still be close and growing up together if they are 1-2 years apart.


Jenn - February 20

I read an article while I was at my dr's appt the other day. It said the best time to start trying again is when your baby is around 18mths. This means they would be about 2 1/2 years apart. You have to take into consideration your childs emotional development. Of course every situation is different, but babies and toddlers need lots of attention and costant care.


j - February 21

I have 5 kids and am pregnant with the 6,th last 2 will be only 17 monthes apart,I say its good to have first 2 close together 18 monthes apart is good.But up to you when u feel ur body is ready...Its hard to have them close but i think it pays off later,when they get bigger.Just my thoughts and i have alot of friends who had their kids like between 16-18 monthes apart.Ok if u can and want to do it..Your choice.


patrycia de camargo - March 4

I am trying to get pregnant for about 2 years,and still nothing.I have 4 years old son,i did all kind of exames ,it's normal .What I have to do now?I was thing about take the ovulex is that safe?


Lorie - March 8

If your OBGYN says it is medically safe for you to try to get pregnant again only 4 months after the birth of your daughter then it becomes a personal decision. If you are ready...go for it...if not...wait a few months. Good Luck!



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