When To Try After Abortion

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tr - January 28

I just had a medical abortion two weeks ago. We thought it was rush to have a baby since we only dated for three months. Now both my partner and I deeply regret it. We know we just made a horrible mistake. We are broken into tears. As long as my follow-up check is fine, I want to try to conceive as soon as possible. Is it possible to try after one period? I'm in mid 30s, I do not have any children, my partner is 40+ and do not have any kids either. We do not want to wait half a year, or even three month wait is too long for us.


Julie23 - January 28

Just check with the doctor....but as long as you never had a difficult abortion or any complacations then your fertility should not be affected. You still have a 90% chance of concieving with in a year just like woman who never had an abortion:~)


candaceann1 - January 28

Did I read this correctly, you just had an abortion and you want to try again??? People like you make me sick!


tr - January 28

People come here for advice, not for moral judgement. I certainly do not appreciate your advice or any comments! God forgives, And certainly you are not a saint either.


squished - January 28

Wow...it's too bad that you had to hurry to make a decision that you now regret. I think as soon as your period returns that you can try again


SaraH - January 28

It would depend somewhat on the procedure you had. I know that when they do a D&C b/c of miscarriage reasons you should wait at lest 3 cycles. This is b/c they sc___pe the lining of the uterus and that causes it to be thinner for a while (which I would a__sume would be true if the procedure is done b/c of a m/c or b/c it is elective). With the D&C you need to allow time for the lining to build back up to the point were the baby can properly implant and be nutritionally supported until the placenta can take over. If you don't wait long enough after a D&C you do run an increased chance of having a miscarriage b/c the baby may not be able to implant properly. Anyways, don't know the D&C info is relevant to you or not but thought I'd mention it incase. I know you said you don’t want to wait even 3 months but depending on what you had done waiting a bit is a good idea. After 2 m/c I can say personally that you certainly don’t want to fall pregnant again right away and then have a miscarriage that could have possibly been prevented if you’d given your body time to heal. For abortion procedures other then a D&C I don't know the recommended amount of time but personally no matter what was done I'd probably wait a couple cycles just to help insure that my hormones and body have fully had time to recuperate. I'd also ask your OB for sure.


tr - January 28

Julie, Squished, and Sarah, Thanks all for the answer. Sarah, what I did is through medical. I took pills, not D&C. So far everything looks good. I hope my checkup will be OK and I do not need to do surgical (doctors told me there is 5-8% chances women may need to do D&C after they take pills). I'm so afraid of surgical that might scar the uterus and weaken the cervix. Keep my fingers crossed. I guess I want to see my Ob&Gyn before I try just to make sure physically my body is ready. Going through this abortion is an ordeal I feel almost become an anti-abortionist now. Thanks all for all the replies.


DownbutnotOUT - January 30

Im sorry that your feeling this way but you should have thought about it more than you did and I have to agree with candaceann's post people like you make me nausea's. but than I realize we all make mistakes and I would speak with my dr about ttc after an abortion I do believe you do have to wait at least 3 months.



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