Who Is The Father Please Help

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edna beth - February 27

My due date is the 23rd of july, i have been in my relationship for 5 years but slept with someone else on 1st of September could they be the father, i dont think it is possible but need reasurance please help. Thanks Edna-beth x


CME23 - February 27

Its a possibility so if you really want to know you're going to need to get a paternity test once the baby is born. Good luck!


edna beth - February 27

are you sure as i have just been in touch with a medic who said i would have conceived at the end of octoberxx


CME23 - February 27

Well, if the Dr. said you conceived at the end of Oct., why are you asking if someone you had s_x with on Sept. 1 could be the father?


sarahd87 - February 28

im affraid edna that even a dr can be wrong sometimes because a due date can be wrong which is obviously what your affraid of otherwise you would be asking our second opinion.i personally would be very worried and once the baby is born i would take he/she with the guy you slept with in september to have the test your partner doesnt have to know unless it turns out its not his child i wish you the best of luck but try and just enjoy you pregnancy for now and i hope it turns out the way you want it to! sarah xx


Sims1 - February 28

i don't know if this helps, but i had an IUI done sept 1and 2. So i know i concieved at that time. my last period before that started Aug 17. My due date is May 24. so if i conceived in sept and my due date was in July that would be a long pregnancy. Don't know if that helps but i also would put my money on conception for you around oct. Good luck!!


Malica - February 28

How did the doctor the doctor determine your due date, and did you have an ultrasound early on? (Within the first 10-12 weeks)? Early ultrasounds are extremely accurate at determining conception as babies develop at nearly identical rates early on. Being off by over a month after having an early ultrasound would be highly unlikely.


anythya - March 12

i feel sorry for ur husband i mean u slept arround he doesnt deseve that and now to think it could be sum1 elses i personally think he deserves to kno either way



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