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Kerry Clark - September 6

I need some help real quick, I am 6 months pregnant my husband is making all the preperations and is well chuffed and over the moon about it all, but I am so scared because i dont think the baby is his because i was a bit of a slag because he was always working away from home and never spent much time with me or nothing. Around the time i fell pregnant my husband was away but around just before and just after I was sleeping with loads of guys around the neighbourhood, some of them black some white and generally very mixed i am just so scared that the baby will come out black or something when we are both white. At least if it come out white i can lie to him and tell him it is his and he will never know any different, is there any way of finding out who the father is or what colour it will be before it is born ?? please help . Thanks


Viv - September 5

Wow! I see no way out of this other than to tell your husband and work out a solution together. It is possible to have prenatal paternity testing, though it will cost. I expect there will be a way of visually checking color when they get the sample from the baby. Pretty weird. The color thing is the biggest problem. The husband may not take kindly to everyone in the neighborhood knowing he was cuckolded. You could decide together to put the baby up for adoption right out of the hospital and tell the neighborhood a sad story of stillbirth.


brittany - September 6

plus..even if it does come out white..that is not fair if you just tell him it is his. imagine if you were him. you dont sound like you respect or love your husband very much if you're willing to lie tot him about the paternity of this child..think about him and the baby instead of yourself for once. you need to tell him now and get a paternity test as soon as the baby is born..


The answer is..... - September 6

Kerry, I wouldn't open my mouth until I saw the baby was darker than expected. If the baby is white, you might get away with it. Why tell him before you really need to?


brittany - September 6

"the anwser is" why would you encourage someone to possibly lie to the potential father of her child? even if it does look white, there is still a chance it could be someone else's.. think of how you would feel...


not cool - September 23

Woah... why are you sleeping with other people when you are married? That's tarded. Girl... not cool at all. But I don't know what to tell you. I guess there is nothing you can do now. Either tell him that you'e slept around, or take the chances of the baby coming out not white and being screwed. Good luck.


BEYONCE - October 11



roflcopter - October 24

Ma'am, I don't know how to tell you this, but...you're a s___t! Congratulations!


dede - October 27

2 words for you: MAURY POVICH


Charlene - November 2

I can sum it up for you in fewer words then that....SLUT!!! Ha! That is what you get for not keeping your legs closed you ho! Remember...you reep what you sow! I only hope your husband finds out what a whore you are before it is too late!!!!! Life is a circle...what goes around, comes around. you will find that out the hard way!!!



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