Why Can T I Get Pregnant

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Debbie - August 31

Its now been our fourth month trying to get pregnant, what can we do to help are we trying too hard


angela - February 23

stop trying so hard and it will happen. have s_x on days 10,12,14,16,18,and 20 of your cycle. that is what worked for us


anonymous - February 25

Stop trying so hard. If it is Gods will for you to be pregnant it will happen. :) Good Luck


Misty - March 1

me and my husband have been trying for seven months.We want a baby so bad. What can we do?


Amanda - March 15

I tried for 6 months before becoming pregnant. To aid in getting pregnant let you husband be on top during s_x.


edith - March 23

why can't i get preanant i have been trying for two years is it me or my partner


Nadia - April 5

Why can't i get pregnancy.


Liz - April 5

We've been trying for 3 months - been told to cut out alcohol detoxify and think positive


Esmi - April 10

This month my husband and I have been trying for one year, no luck. After we have s_x there is a discharge and I can't fall asleep unless I wash it away. I try to wait at least 30 min. Is this what is keeping us from getting pregnant?


amy collins - May 2

hi why can i get pregnancy for one year?? it hard and struggled to get pregnancy.


beth - May 13

my husband and i have been trying for 10 months and still haven't got pregnant. the thing is though he already has a kid that he conceived with a women by only sleeping with her once, this was before we met. so it must be me right?


gabriella - May 13

im sixteen and i had an abortion a year ago and know im angry at my mom for makeing me get an abortion that know i wanna have a baby


Kristine Hernandez - May 19

why can;t i have a baby we have been trying for months now?


Lucy - May 20

answer to Beth - no, not necessarily. Things can change. Me andmy husband got pregnant 3rd month of trying, now this time we have been trying for nearly a year and still no luck. So that puts paid to your theory, it might not be that either of you have a problem


erewr - June 2

so your partner literally c_mmed in your v____a and never got pregnant?? how is that possible


Heather - June 3

Can you plan to have a girl or boy when trying to have a baby. I was told certain days of the month you can have a girl? Is this true


jg - June 22

I don't know. But, reading all these answers made me realise that I am not the only one who can't fall pregnant. I know its only the 3rd month, but it sort of becomes the only thing you think about.



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