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nikki - October 20

i have been having unprotected s_x for over a month. i still have not gottin pregnant. we did it everyday for a full month but still nothing what should i do?


E - October 20

How old are you?


nikki - October 23

i am 18


Daile - October 24

You have to have s_x either right before you ovulate or on the day of ovulation. An egg can only survive for 48 hours (I think). I believe there is only a 1 in 4 chance of getting pregnant any month you are trying. Just keep working on it. If you are still not able to conceive in a year or so, I would suggest seeing a doctor to make sure both you and your man are fertile.


Mellissa - October 24

Not everyone gets pregnant the first month they try so don't give up. Some couples go a year before they finally get some fertility help. Just keep having fun trying and don't get discouraged! A lot of couples will try forever, give up and adopt and then, wind up getting pregnant not long after the adopted baby shows up! This is probably because they relaxed, weren't trying and the pressure was off. Go to your doctor and get him/her to help you find your ovulation date so you know the days to try hard (5 days before you ovulate and 1-2 days after).


rossana gonzalez - November 9

my boyfriend and i have tried so hard to get pregnant but can't whats the problem


v - November 16

statistics say that the average couple normally takes 6 months to concieve,so don't worry! if you feel that you need to go to a gyno then go! they can check to see if you have fertility probs...but don't stress!


tip - November 17

go and check and see do you have a disease


Christina - November 26

My husband and I have had unprotected s_x for months now, and nothing has occurred. My doctor says that there isnt anything wrong with me. So what is it that I'm doing wrong?


To Christina - November 27

I'll be glad to show you what your husband is doing wrong......just let me know.


Meliss K - November 30

I've been on the birthcontrol pill for about 8 yrs now , was on it for four yrs before i got pregnant with my son and after i had him him i went back on it , well now he's 3 1/2 I just went back off of it, so my question is how long after being off the pill are you likely to ge pregnant , because my boyfriend and I are trying, not trying hard but trying.Hope you can answer my question. thanks


Mellissa - November 30

Well, funny you should ask that because I got pregnant WHILE I was on the pill! "They" say you should expect to wait 1-3 months if you've been taking it steadily for that long, however, nature is unpredictable and the pill itself isn't 100% effective. Just don't get discouraged the first few months of trying!


jen - September 27




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