Why Cant I Get Pregnant

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NICOLE - April 24



Tarah - April 24

Your timing has to be right. Try to start tracking when you ovulate each month and have lots of s_x a couple days before you start your period. They say it's easier to get pregnant on the first release of your partner's sperm each day, so try when he wakes up. You can get pregnant anytime, though, as long as you're ovulating. You're not a kid trying to get pregnant are you? I consider anyone still in high school or under a kid. If so, please wait until you're married or are in a committed relationship!! If not, good luck and I hope it works out for the best!! =)


Sharon - May 18

Me and my husband wants to have another baby. My first child is already four years old, and we badly need to have the second one. A month after my delivery last 2004, I took oral birth control for 3 years. Just last august 2004 we decided to have another baby so i stopped my pill last september. Till then, i have irregular periods, sometimes i have a 2 periods in 1 month or a delay. I went to my ob and she gave me a hormonal pill to regulate my period. By then till now i have a regular period. My question is that why is that i still cant conceive? Is it because of the oral contraceptive i took for 3 years? Pls. help!


~kat~ - May 18

how long have you been trying?


Sharon - May 18

we've been trying it for almost 8 months already.


Sharon - May 18

sorry, i typed it wrong, "a month after my delivery last 2001" ('',)


Lily - May 18

I'm sorry you're having such troubles trying to conceive Nicole. And I do sympathize. I was in the same boat for the longest time. I ended up talking with my doctor, and read a few books about natural conception. Here are some of the things I did that might help you. I stopped drinking anything with caffiene. I started taking a prenatal vitamin that had 800 mcg of Folic Acid and only used approved drugs that my doctor recommended to me that are safe during pregnancy (like Tylenol, Robitussin and Benadryl). As well, if you were on a contraceptive I would also mention that to your Dr at your consultation, that might have a significant part of why you haven't concieved yet. Contraceptives can have different effects on everyone. I also started monitoring my monthly cycle using ovulation prediction tests that look for the LH (Luetenizing Hormone is what releases the egg from the ovaries) in your urine. You can buy the tests at any drugstore. Talk to your partner too, make sure you're on the same page about everything that is happening to you. He needs to be prepared and aware of everything so he can help support you the best he can. Once you've gotten a positive result from your LH urine tests, have intercourse in 12 hours if possible and then again every 24 or 36 hours for up to 4 days. That was how I conceived my first. I'm now 16 weeks. I do suggest talking with your doctor though, have a pap smear done before as well, to rule out any underlying problems. I wish you the best Nicole, Baby Dust for Everyone.


jessica - July 11

my husband and I are trying to get pregnant for months. I have been tryin to for years and I cant seem to get pregnant. Its is so discouraging!! What do I need to do


phil - July 12

you all need to dump your men and let me have some action i have good sperm and guatanteed to get you preg after 1 encounter with me i have fathered 65 children all with different women a few have come back for more becouse of good jeans when there hubbys sperm dont do the trick mine is good so go find you a good sperm man cuz your mans juice is rotten



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