Will I Ever Want To Be Intimate Again

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Neesha - March 15

I'm 12 weeks pregnant now and me and my fiancee are very happy to know that we're going to have our first child in October. But lately I have been having difficulty wanting to have....SEX! I heard that some women want it more when they're pregnant, but me no way, it actually left!! Every time my fiancee wants to do it or even touches me in a way that signals it, I just want to tell him to go away. Why is this happening and when will this be over?


del4dave - April 10

hi im 15 weeks pregnant due in october too!! i dont really want to have s_x either, everytime he asks me or touches me in that way, i just dont feel like it but i have been told in your 5th month u cant get enough lol, it will go away n u wil want to have s_x with ur partner again,


kvilendrer - April 10

Don't worry. This should pa__s. I just started to want it more, and I'm 22 weeks pregnant. This is my second pregnancy, and it happened with the first one too.


jeni23 - April 10

It could go away or maybe not,my first 2 pregnancys I couldnt get enuf even when I was sick,BUT!!!This pregnancy I have NO s_x drive what so ever,and its been this way the whole time for me,im27 weeks.My first 2 were girls and this is a boy.Their not kidding when its said every pregnancy is diffrent.Good luck


kady - April 10

maybe it will go away maybe not I have not had s_x from about 8 weeks and I'm now 39 weeks.The thought of s_x makes me feel sick.


wendy - April 13

I am the same way!! I felt like it was just me and I'm so glad to see that is not the case. The thought of having s_x or my bf even touching me makes me want to throw up. It's aweful and I hope this changes but I don't see it happening in the near future.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - April 13

everyone is different...sometimes it makes you want it more, others don't even want it...me, i always want it. i like making my hubby happy that way and i enjoy it as well. but after the baby and the waiting 6 weeks most woman are ready again...it just depends


first-time-mom - April 23

I am 23 weeks and had the same problem it does get better i was interested agin after about 14 weeks but it comes back slowley try new thing and positions it somtimes helps


cutie_wutie - April 23

Its normal to feel like this some womens s_x drive goes high during pregnancy and other women lose interest totally but it wont last ot will be pa__s xxx more women in your situation so dont worry


tonilee7 - April 24

with my first (boy) I could'nt get enough but with this one (girl) s_x is a rare occasion, from the very start I have had no s_x drive at all, sometimes I find that you feel you dont want s_x but then when you actually have s_x you are thinking "well why the hell do I not want this". Its just all weird to me. Dh and I were lucky to have s_x 1 in 10 days but now (36 weeks) I find that even if I want s_x that I can not have it anyway, not unless I want to spent the next 5 days paying for it, s_x is good at the time but then afterwards I can barely walk so I have told dh that there is no more s_x til after she is born, i get that sore after s_x that for the next 5 days I can not get out of bed barely to go to the loo at night, it just feels like all my palvis and hips is going to drop to the floor and it feels like all my bones are grinding together.....does anyone else experiance this after intercourse?



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