Will We Never Have Sex Again

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guest - January 18

We had a baby a few months ago. Since then, DH decided he doesn't want anymore kids, so we haven't had s_x again yet. He's really odd and doesn't even like s_x much, so now he has an "excuse" not to. He won't get fixed because he claims its against his religion. I've never known him to be religious. He just doesn't want anyone messing with his man parts. I won't go on the pill or get fixed because of hormone issues that I already struggle with. So, this leaves us with no s_x period. I'm worried that he might eventually look to someone else. I'm worried that the lack of ANY kind of intimacy between us will create a distance between us. Anyone else in this boat?


Lillie E - January 18

i'm not in this boat, but have you tried any other methods of birth control? i have an iud and it works great. i don't remember both names but there is a 5 year one with hormones and a 10 year one without, why don't you ask your doctor about it?


shaylanrae - January 18

there are low hormone pills, there are things like condoms and such for protection, im with lillie (ily!) get an iud.


guest - January 18

I've been through enough, and I have enough going on with my body as it is. He doesn't want another baby, so its his turn to step up to the plate. By the way, he refuses condoms, so that won't work either. I guess I can deal with it, my only fear is that we could drift apart, and I couldn't handle that.


izzy1052 - January 18

since he is so against having kids then i dont think he would go to someone else and risk getting the pregnant cuz then he would be in biiiiiiiiiiiig trouble...


Jbear - January 19

If he's that set against a vasectomy, he shouldn't have one...it might actually make him impotent, just the idea that he'd been "tampered with". It doesn't sound like either of you should make any permanent decisions right now about birth control. Not all condoms are the same...some are MUCH thinner than others, like durex. You might eventually consider an iud...because I think you're right, that if he's not having s_x with you, he might look to someone who was willing to use birth control. Another option would be to consider forms of intimacy that don't involve v____al intercourse...oral s_x, mutual masturbation, etc...because you can enjoy closeness as a couple without the risk of pregnancy.


Just a thought... - January 19

I find a marriage with no intimacy very strange. If you say he doesn't even like s_x that much, why do you a__sume he would have it with someone else? I think there is a deeper issue here and s_x is just the tip of the matter. I may be wrong but it seems like there is more to it. But if neither of you are willing to compromise with some kind of protection, it doesn't seem theres much to do. I really think you should consider talking to a marriage counselor because it is obviously a big deal to you. Good luck and I really hope everything works out for you.



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