Withdrawal Method Survey

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curious - August 11

How many of you have practiced the withdrawal method? Has it been effective or have you gotten pregnant from this method? Only looking for answers from those who use it or have used it in the past. Thanks


me - August 11

my boyfriend and i always use the withdrawal method and i have yet to get pregnant from it but it is still very possible to get pregnant using this method. there have been a few timew where in the heat of the moment he didn't pull out, that happens sometimes too.


curious - August 11

thanks me, how long have you been using this method? Hey everyone, if you use this method, please state how long you've been using it. Thanks.


me - August 11

we've been using it for about 6 months now


- August 11

did u know that pre c_m can aslo get u pregnant!! so next time it might be u


ASA - August 12

It worked for us for a year with no birth control other than that. I got pregnant after I used bc pills then stopped in about 2 months. Preg now with number 3, but we are happy. It takes a LOT of control on his part.


.. - August 12

10 years and it works fine. Pre-c_m? please... whatever...


dd - August 12

We've used it for the last 9 years...but surprise we now have a late life baby coming.He didn't forget to withdraw either.Also my baby sister is a"withdrawal" baby; 11 years younger than me.


Jill - August 12

I used it for 10 years with a boyfriend and now with my husband. It never failed me! I'm 25 weeks pregnant now, but only because we tried. My advice is NOT TO USE IT unless you are prepared for the consequences if it fails!


brittany - August 14

me and husband used this method from the time we started having s_x till the night i did a pregnancy test and seen it was positive. (about a year and a half) now i'm 8 months pregnant. she was a oops but her daddy and i want and love her very much.. :)


Oops - August 15

Used carefully for seven years and now pregnant. I was even told it would be near impossible for me to become pregnant due to medical issues.


Yep, Sperm - August 15

From the American Pregnancy a__sociation: Can a woman get pregnant from pre-ejaculation? Pre-ejaculation is the liquid that seeps out of the p___s before ejaculation occurs. Most guys have no control over it and can not feel it coming out. *~*~*This type of fluid does have sperm in it and can result in pregnancy.*~*~* This is part of the reason why the withdrawal method of birth control is not as effective as other methods. My note: Yep, sperm...that's why people get pregnant using this method.


AT - August 17

Yes very effeictive. We have been using such method for morn than 5 years.


Amy - August 17

I have a stepdaughter that came about from using that method, I wouldn't trust it.


rkjc - August 18

I am thirty something and this is the only method I have used. Yes possible to get very preg I had 5 pregnancies and only carried one to term. I have been with 2 people in my life and this was the only method used. All 5 occured with my childs dad. I have been with a guy for the last year and this is the only method we are using. Good luck


candy - August 18

my boyfriend and I always use withdrawal we have been using it for 5 years but I just received became pregnant.


gem - August 18

My husband used it successfully for 4yrs before combined with the rhythm method before we had a baby.



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