Wondering If It S Possible My Girlfriend Is Pregnant

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quetzalcoatl - April 30

Hi, I'm sorry if these sort of silly questions get asked too often on here, but I don't know where else to ask. My girlfriend is 19 and I am 21. We are deeply in love and decided we were ready to have s_x (we were both virgins). We had s_x for the first time while she was on her period at the end of March, because she was told by many friends that you can't get pregnant when a woman is on their period (which, due to further research, we have found out that is untrue). Now, soon after this we had to be apart for about two months (I see her next at the end of May) for school-related reasons; we are both in college, though currently attending different ones, but will be going to the same college in the Fall. But she is probably a week late for her period, and we're starting to be very worried. While she is finishing up her final projects of the semester, she has been under a great deal of stress, calling me crying because of it - she's been working on several projects all day long that are all due within two weeks that she just hasn't had time for. She is also perfectionistic and has put a lot of her self-esteem into these projects. I believe she has fairly regular periods normally, though I don't know how often before she may have skipped her period or have had it been late. She probably ought to have had her period around the 22-28th or something this month. She has taken two pregnancy tests and both have been negative, the last one was taken yesterday. So I was wondering if anyone could please tell me the likelihood of her being pregnant in this case. What do you think is the likelihood of her being pregnant? How reliable are pregnancy tests? Being male, I am pretty clueless about how the female body operates (as is my girlfriend)- so how influential can stress be on a woman's period? As in, does it really take an incredible amount of stress, or it it more generally just a good deal of stress? She told me she is afraid she might have skipped her period, and while I should have asked her this when I lasted talked to her Are there any other ways besides pregnancy tests and a woman's period to find out if she is pregnant? Would a woman who is pregnant still ovulate in early pregnancy (and would that be a sign, if she began to ovulate again, that she wasn't pregnant?), or can a woman only ovulate after she's had her period? I deeply appreciate any advice or insight anyone could provide. Thank you very much.


Teddyfinch - May 1

first of all, it's alright to be clueless about the female body lol. heck half the time we're wondering what's going on. and my husband of 3 years (together for 6) doesn't really know that much about the female body. it's all good. as for your g/f, i'm sure you've heard it, but you guys should know better than to have unprotected s_x if you don't want the cute and cuddly side effects. but again, that's all good. i don't think she's pregnant. it sounds to me like she ovulated late because of the stress from school. until she has her period, though, you might invest in some dollar store pregnancy tests (it's what i used when i found out i was pregnant) and have her test every week until she either gets her period, which i really think she will, or until she gets a positive. until then though, make sure you keep all that college manliness wrapped up so you guys can enjoy your young lives. if her period is a month late, you might have her talk to her doctor and they can do a more sensitive blood test, but if it's negative after a month late, i don't think she'd be pregnant, but she is more than likely stressed. good luck and let us know if she ends up getting her period or otherwise.


angelmonkey - May 2

i know when i lost a lot of weight my periods stopped for7months!! has she lost weight recently also stress can also stop periods but i agree with what teddy says


Teddyfinch - May 5

ever notice guys come here and then never come back? i think they get scared of all the female vibes here lol.


angelmonkey - May 5

i think its because they just get there answer then go lol



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