Wondering If My Girlfriend Could Be Pregnant

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waverbird - April 17

This is kind of an odd scenario, but one I really am having some serious anxiety worrying about... But I'm fairly worried that my girlfriend could be pregnant... We've messed around the the past few months (no s_x, but alot of touching and rubbing), up until the end of feburary, when she started taking birth control exactly a few days prior to her period (the doctors told her to start taking her pill the sunday AFTER her period, she accidentally took them the sunday before).... We thought it was her period anywho, because I was just a few seconds into beginning to have s_x with her (and yes i did insert my p__s into her for just a few seconds) when she started bleeding. I thought it was from taking her virginity, she said it was her period starting, as it was about that time. No I did not c_m, there was no pre-ejaculates or anything. As I said she had just started the pill a couple days prior (guesstimating her next period i assume), but then something odd happened. Her period continued for about 3 and a half weeks. She said it was acting like a "normal" period, but like almost a month long, except for a couple days she said it was heavier than most. We, it finally stopped around in mid march. Then, it appeared she was back to her regular period about a week ago, which ended just a couple days ago. It started on April9, and ended on the 15... she said it was usual and no different than her normal periods. well, it so happened we started having s_x a couple times the past couple weeks. She's still on the pill, and she has not missed a day of using it since she started. And though we do have intercourse, I pull out and c_m a safe distance away long before i even feel the need to. I have not c_m around or in her va___a, but hers the odd thing as of the other day, the day after her period ended on April 15, she began having headaches, and has thrown up a few times each night on friday night, saturday night, and last night, but the headches she says go away. Friday, she had a horrible headache (which kept us from going to see scary movie 4), and while not as bad, she says they have been off and on for the past 2 days, but the vomiting occured at least twice the past 3 nights.... waking her up from sleep. She says theres no nausea or dizziness. she says she doesnt feel like its a flu or anything... could she be pregnant, or is this something else?


dezzydoo18 - April 18

any time that you have unprotected s_x there is a chance that she may be pregnant. I can not tell you if she is or not, but sometimes the pill will make a girl feel sick and become sick(not always though) you see every girl is different and their bodies are completely different. The only sure way to know that she is pregnant is to take a pregnany test in a few days! there is always prec_m that can also get a woman pregnant! Good luck and i hope everything works out for the best!!


Emma2 - April 20

Why aren't you using a condom? Don't you know that the pill just si not enough. If you don't want a baby use more protection.



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