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JF - April 29

Ok sorry if I go into a lot of detail, but there are a lot of factors to take into account here. I'm 20 and my boyfriend and I just started sleeping together about a month ago. We always use a condom, and we're the only ones each other have been with. The other night we had a little too much to drink and started having s_x. He was lying on his back when he "finished" and the condom was stuck in me. This was on the last day of my period. I'm worried that I might get pregnant, what are the odds of getting pregnant on the last day of your period with a spermicide condom that came off inside of you after he finished? Oh by the way, we got it out, I think it was still in there, but I'm just a little nervous. There wasn't much anyway because he took care of that earlier. Sorry for being so long, I just want to give the scenario to get an accurate opinion.


Evonna - April 29

Well i think that is is a less chance of you being pregnant because it was on the last day of your cycle and usually your most fertile when it's close to being on your period and right now i see that you've ended your cycle which you are far from your most fertile week. Hope this makes sense.


JF - April 29

Yeah, that makes sense. I looked on an ovulation chart and apparently I'm not receptive for another couple weeks. I really don't think I have anything to worry about after the condom, the spermacide, being on my period, and all the alcohol he had...just needed a little rea__surance I guess.


Ta - April 30

The odds are very low, some women can get pregnant while they are on their periods but that is very very rare. Also considering you used a spermacide condom, more than likely any sperm that may have gotten lose would have been killed. Concider this also, that spermacide comdoms also have the spermacide in the condom, so there for the sperm that he ejaculated into the comdom should have already been killed. Im sure your going to be worried until you start your period, but in my opinion I do not think that you could have gotten pregnant.



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