Worried Could I Be Pregnant

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Stephanie - October 31

ok.....so my last period was setpember 27th 2004 and I've been having s_x with my boyfriend an average of about 2-3 times a week every week since then including last night. My period was 6 days late but i just got it today, 10/31/04, but i had s_x wit my boyfriend lastnight. Everytime I have had s_x has been unprotected just usuing the withdrawl method accept last night when he didn't whidraw in time. For the past two weeks these are some of the things I've been feeling........frequent urination, abdominol pain for the past week every once in a while, extremly tired all the time, often hunrgy even only an hour after i just ate, my period has never been irregular and was 6 days late this time, and when it started it only occured for a couple of hours and stopped yesterday but started again this morning and I am no heavily bleeding, I have never gotten cramps while having my period, and am having very bad ones lately, I have felt sick to my stomache the past couple days but haven't ever vomitted, and today i've been having hot and cold flashes, but i'm on my period............can I still be pregnant with all those signs and I'm currently on my period that came late?


ashley - November 1

yes sometimes you have your " period " or wat youu think is a period the whole time you are pregnent


Stephanie - November 1

it's not spotting, i have my actual period......can i still be pregnant with my actual period, it's not abnormally colored, it's very heavy and is releasing period like messes........but can i still be pregnant?


Kristina - November 2

Try a pregnancy test. If you have missed your period, it would be the quickest way to find out. I took one only three days after I missed my period and it came out positive. I am currently 19 weeks pregnant! They are usually correct.



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