10 Days Late Confused By All Of The Info Out There Help

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Starshiproxx - December 4

I have been pretty regular about 30-34 days between periods. . I was keeping track, but my phone was stolen and all I can recall is since May my period came on the 19 then around the 19 and 23 months after. In Sept period came on the 20th , In october it came on the 21 ...so naturally I was expecting my period sometime around the 20-24 of November ...well nothing yet . Had unprotected s_x halloween weekend then again between the 6th and 8th of Nov always unprotected and I HAVE NEVER EVER Been on birth control and we do not use protection, he actually ejaculated inside of me on Sunday the 7th . the following weekend I started cramping about Wed ( so naturally I believed that my cycle was getting ready to start) the weekend of the 20 and 21 I had what I call a fuzzy feeling in my head, lightheadead, lower back cramps, no br___t complaints, but basically I felt like I was on my period without the bleeding, headaches, bloating ect. This past week I still feel cramping as if I am on my period , although I only normally have cramps the first day and 1/2 and my cycle is usually 4-5 days long...i have had discharge and constanly feel like I have started and go to the bathroom and nothing ! Took HPT at 10 days late which was Dec 2 during the evening NEGATIVE also on Monday the 29 after holding urine for 3 hours ( I woke up at 3 am to pee then at 630am I tested) NEGATIVE !! I have heard of so many people testing negative until they are 2 and 3 weeks late for their periods . I am keeping my hopes up as I do want to be pregnant. I have been pregnant before I was 14 years old then and found out at 5 months so I do not remember a clue or ever having any symptoms as my periods then were very irregular and didnt regulate until I was about 18 years old. After this I became pregnant at 17 and did not find out until I was 11 weeks along...I dont evn remember any symptoms from that, I think the only reason I even tested then was because I wasnt feeling like myself and didnt remember having a recent period but other than that I dont remember a thing ! I am so CONFUSED !!! Today I am officially 11 days late and do not want to test again I dont want to be let down. Anyone ever had negative results and ended up being pregnant ?? Any advice is very much appreciated. By the way I am now 28. Ive heard everyone say its probably stress?? I have been stressed in the past and never have skipped a period , I've been late but never skipped a period !! And what bugs me is that I had s_x around the time I should have been ovulating and he ejaculated in me... PLEASE HELP !!!



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