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Krystalynn - December 5

I am 10 days late and my periods have been on a 33 day cycle for the past 4 months. my lmp was oct.24, so no period the whole month of nov. i have had nausea late at night and sometimes randomly during the day, sore br___ts but not til day 9 and my stomach feels full and bloated , i have frequent urination and i have had he craziest food cravings i feel deep down that i am pregnant and want to be! i have take an hpt every mornig since i missed my period due date and they were all neg, even the one when i went to planned parenthood! im freaking out and want to know what is going on with my body. its so abnormal for me to be this late. has anyone had this happen the them? if so what was the result!


tbaby3385 - December 5

well it might take time for your hcg to spill over in your urine i know with me it took me a month later after i missed my period to get a positive


hope-31 - December 5

when did you have s_x in relation to your lmp?


Krystalynn - December 5

Between Oct. 24-Dec.4 My fiance and i have been haveing unprotected s_x 4 or more times a week. i was ovulating around the 12th and my boyfriend and i had unprotected s_x for sure on nov 11 and 13th....sooo i dont know... i was supposed to go for more tests today but my appt got cancled because the nurse as sick!!!!!!!! Im so annoyed and just want to know what the heck is goin on! has anyone had this happen to them?


austynsmommy - December 6

I am going through the same thing. I am fifteen days late. My last period was october 30th. I am getting so disappointed because I keep getting negatives.


Krystalynn - December 6

austynsmommy- i know i am so frustrated i am now 12 days late so i am hoping that i am able to get some news tomorrow, i am also taking a blood test so i will keep u informed ...its so frustrating cause if im not pregnant then what is wrong with me?


cdpace88 - December 10

you girls have any updates? did you get your bfps yet?


Krystalynn - December 10

Well,yesterady dy 14 i thought i started my period but i have no cramps and its really light bleeding ...not normal for me, today (day 15) i am still bleeding but not normal. usually if i am a day or two late for my period it comes on fullforce and i am in bed with deathly cramps, i this normal?


b___bear556 - December 10

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one! I'm 10 days late and all test have been neg. I went for blood test today and should know within the next two days. It's really messing with my mind!


rainlips - December 12

I am in the same boat. I was spossed to start on dec 4th and nothing yet. I have taken 2 tests and all neg. I was woundering if I was pg I would be about 5 weeks, Is that to early to get a pos test? I go to the doc on fri, I hate all this waiting. Keep us updated krystalynn.....thanks for listening


kat08 - December 15

I know how all of you feel, I was suppose to have my AF on the 7th but it was a no show. I took two test they both said neg. Took blood test it showed neg. But doc said that since I didn't show with my dd until I was already 7 weeks just to wait until next week and test again.


cadensmommy - December 18

when i was preg. for my son i took test all said neg. untill i was about 2 months preg. then it finaly said (+) so i went to the doc. and they said i was definitly preg. so just hang in there i know how u fell. just eat right and get plenty of rest.


BrookeJennie - December 18

My period in september..i THINK was normal && then my period in october i was 10 days late...&& then when i got my period it was very light and only lasted 5 days and then the last 2 days i got LIGHT spotting && took 5 tests...all NEG. && also had a urinary tract infection in sept. the in oct i thought i had it again but i didnt. && then november my period was 3 days late. now....im 3 days late again && i had unprotected s_x Nov. 25. the last day of my period...but i ended up takin the 72 hour pill and a couple days later i would get shooting pains && then 5 days later which was EXACTLY a week after i got done my period i starting bleeding again... weird...im kind of in the same boat...like what the heck is going on in there?? anyways keep us posted i hope everything is working out for youu.


Krystalynn - December 19

I had my period on dec 9th afterit was 14 days late, i dont know what is going on. i dont think it was my actual period though cause i bled from sunday-wed but it was light and then it was just brown and then friday and sat it was brown kinda creamy discharge, i never get brown dischage or brown anything when my period is finished, my symptoms dissappeared, except i get headaches and i dont really have an appet_te but all my pants are soooo tight and i get waves of sickness. what is going on? my negative tests are still coming! i had a v____al exam yesterday but she just looked in and then felt my stomach. would the dr. be able to tell that way if i were pregnant?


LovelyV1 - December 20

Have i had this happen to me. We sound like the same person. My lmp was occt. 24th, I've never been this late/missed a mp before. I took a preg. test a few days after missing nov.25th. It was neg, went to planned parenthood 5days later, pt still neg. Frequent urination, headaches, itchy b___sts & nipples, cravings, weird "metallic" taste in my mouth.... So the same answers you get would definitely help me out. LOL!!


LovelyV1 - December 20

Wish you all the best of luck, it's good to know that I'm not alone. My fiance's sister has been saying she hopes I don't have a tubal b/c I've been having some stomach pains along with my nausea, but is that normal???


Hope21 - December 20

Hello ladies...I have a question and need alil help if you will. well im here because i have a question and need advice...i had a miscarriage back n march and now think i might be pregnant again!...the only thing is right now im only a day and a half late and i took a test but it says BFN. the last time i was preggos i waited a day took a test and it was BFN also.it wasnt until the second day when i went to the clinic and tested only then did i get a call back saying BFP...my question is ladies what do you think?? should i wait or believe that its A REAL BFN and my AF is just late.mind you i am NEVER Late a day early~Yes maybe once or twice but Never LATE...the only thing is the only symptoms i have are peeing in small amounts and swollen tender bbs as if my AF was coming(which i thought in the beginning) I had the small mild cramping but that's it besides that i have small spouts of nausea and sickness to the point where i need to lay down and take a nap or lay in a stretched out comfortable position.OH YEA i've also gotten really upset that my DH wants to sing the WHOLE song off a cd in the car...all i do is scream in my head SHUT UP.he asks why i keep yelling at him and i dont know why im just really annoyed by him lately i thought it was jus alil sense of PMS...anyways wat do you all think? Thanks for listening ladies and i wish you all the best**BABYDUST TO ALL** =



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