10dpo Clear Discharge AF Due In 5 Days Good Sign Hope So

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jb - February 14

i am 10 dpo AF is due 2/19 ....5days away and i am having clear cm..i am usually very dry around this time..is this a good sign? my br___t are very sore, have been since about 7dpo.. ..just wondering if sounds good for me?


Aim - February 14

I had the same symtoms and am now 7 weeks! Good luck!


Miriam - February 14

Can white milky discharge be a sign of ovulation ? i had it for days now, i thought ewcm was supposed to be a sign of ovulation, but i didn't get it for a long time, only the milky one . ( not a lot though , btu everyday ).Thx


jb - February 15

anyone else?


hello - February 15

i got ew on the 4th feb not when im due on period i have thick yellow stuff and a few preg symptoms not getting my hopes up as i have tested neg b4 with symptoms xx good luck all


jb - February 15

its not ew its clear discharge,,and when i check my cervix its really moist and looks a little like lotion..i am usually dry at this time..now 11dpo...


helena - February 15

it sounds good to me !!!!!!!!!! goodluck and keep us posted..


im wrong hands up!!! - February 15

sorry yr right i meant i had clear discharge x


anon - February 15

Dont say sorry to here she has put like lotion and she should of said like discharge as lotion would not be around here privates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


to anon - February 15

who are you meaning that last response for? what are talking about? just curious..


kendra - February 15

im not sure was she was meaning to say either..!?


to jb - February 15

I have been having the same. I am 7dpo but have quite a bit of milky or lotion like discharge. When I check my cervix its quite wet in there and I collect quite a bit of discharge. I have read on other posts that this isn't a definite sign but if it's the week before AF and you are still having this then it is a promising sign. Grandpa Viv said something about the v____al walls cleaning themselves??? Hope this helps.....Jenn =)


jb - February 15

grandpa viv what is your opinion?


hello - February 16

anyone got an answer????


Jaime - July 18

Okay, I do not know what some of these abbreviations all mean, but here is what I have experienced. I am right around the time I am suppose to ovulate and I have been noticing a thick clear, maybe even yellowish stuff, I am wondering if this means I am ovulating, any help would be great!


Star - July 19

I am a couple days late, having clear discharge and i feel like my AF is about to come any second, but nothing, it's always clear.... anyone know what that means? (i usually have trouble getting wet right away and i'm getting wet w/o stimulation)



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