10pdo Here S My Chart

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anamariaflorencia - December 7

Hi ladies. Just trying to occupy my time until something happens. Anyone wanna look at my chart and see if they think the "dip" const_tutes as an implantation dip? It's at fert_ty friend dot com plus the ending here. /ttc/calendar_module.php?cd=29 Thanks.


b__terfly kisses - December 7

Hey there... I would LOVE to peek for ya, but you didn't send the chart addy, the addy you gave is the addy where you input info... we need to see the one that is fertilityfriend.com/home/ some numbers and letters


kelsajo - December 7

if you have a hard time finding that, you have to click on the link on your page that says "home page settings" or something like that, and you have to make sure that you click on the boxes to put your charts and stuff on the page. the link will be at the top of the page in a box, not in the address bar.


anamariaflorencia - December 7

Well, for me it should the chart under the other info. Maybe this one will work better: fertility friend dot com plus /ttc/chartgraph_module.php?d=2007-12-07&mode=a&ts=1197038529


anamariaflorencia - December 7

Well today I've had more creamy cervical mucous than other days. I wonder if it was nerves...as I was having a meeting with my boss and I was "getting all the answers wrong". I just hate that any symptom is also a symptom of somethng else. I know creamy cm is a symptom of pg, but I always get creamy cm before watery spotting and finally af. Anyone want to chat? I really don't care what about...I'm just kind of sad...and I really shouldn't be, it's the weekend.


b__terfly kisses - December 7

come join us in the we're not THAT crazy thread :) ...


lillybug - December 7

hey girl, I'm 10dpo today. i tried the site but no chart


b__terfly kisses - December 10

hey ana... from that page... click the b___ton to set up the home page that should be right near the b___ton to set up data... click submit on that page - you can choose tickers/ add a pic of those hpts before hand if you want (hint hint) beforehand, then when you click submit/enter...then you will get the home page address in a little box that you can copy and paste for us... should look like fertilityfriend.com/home/ numbers and letters


anamariaflorencia - December 10

THanks b___terfly. Here it is minus the dashes and spaces. ht-tp : // ww-w . fertilityfriend . com/-home-/efc10



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