11 Days Late Any Thoughts

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BabyBunting - January 30

Well, I am now 11 days late and still getting BFNs. Supposed to start 1/19 - became very tired, developed a fever and felt like I was getting a cold or the flu. Tired all that week. Started increasing my water intake 1/22 to flush the extra mucous out. Feeling much better with the exception of being tired, cranky and moody (as if that could be "better") ;) Kind of feel like I could start but nothing. Going to the bathroom a lot but I am drinking a lot of water too. So... what do you think? Anyone experience this and, if so, how did it turn out?


CgGirl - January 30

When did you last test? One of my cousins didn't get a BFP until she was 10 weeks pregnant.


BabyBunting - January 30

I tested this morning. I am VERY regular and if not on the day within a day or two at most.


TTCbabyGIRL - January 30

you can get a BFN, even if you are pregnant. some women don't have enough of the pregnancy hormone at first to get a BFP. it all depends on the individual. maybe you should wait another week before testing??


BabyBunting - February 3

AF is now 15 days late - still nothing on hpts so I went for a blood test this morning. They weren't sure when I would get the results... so yet another wait :)


CgGirl - February 3

The blood test should give you a definite answer... keep us posted!


BabyBunting - February 4

Guess something else is going on because the blood test came back negative. Still no signs of AF.


CgGirl - February 4

Sorry to hear about that. Are they planning to do any more tests?


BabyBunting - February 4

I don't know what my next step will be. I had to beg to get a blood test because my doctor only relies on urine tests and the blood tests are "really expensive". I told them nevermind I would just have it done at a local walk in clinic. The nurse just says if the hpt says you're not pregnant then you're not. Something is going on I just wish I knew what. This is very frustrating.


bobshammy - February 7

I was 14 days late and kept getting negative tests so I went and got a blood test and that was negative and at about 24 days late I got four positive tests so I went to the doctor again and they did another blood test and it said I was still negative and they didnt know why the pee test were positive about 6 days later I got my period. i had all the signs of pregnancy but no pregnancy it was wierd, so I guess you just never know sometimes


BabyBunting - February 8

I agree - this is all nothing but wierd. AF has still not arrived (today I am 20 days late) but I started spotting (only when I wipe) on Friday. Color ranges from pink to brown. I'll be glad when I know one way or the other.



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