11 Days Late Today Someone Answer Me

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prettyirishgurl - May 2

ok im 37..i have a 9 yr old girl..my preg test were all negative with her and when i found out i was 4 months pregnant! ok i had my period on march 20 normal as can be a usual. Now on april 6 and 7 i had unprotected s_x .Now i have no period. i have had many symptoms sore nipples, tired, bloating, hungry, moody, lil twinge pains in pelvis, no cramps,gas, burping, hunger pains alot like my stomach is talking to me ,ive had all these symptoms for two weeks and everyday! doc says negative yesterday! doc said come back in two weeks to test again and will give blood and urine test..i think i wont find out till way later that im pregnant will i? thanks everybody


jeanette - May 2

Hope you do!! God bless darlin!


Nat22 - May 3

It seems like if you were pregnant the test would have been positive by now, but if it happened with your daughter it could happen again. The first day of my last period also started on March 20 and I am 6 weeks pregnant right now.... which is how far along you would be too if you were pregnant. Hopefully the doc will be able to tell in a few weeks... I have never heard of it taking so long to detect the pregnancy hormone.. that's so strange. Good luck to you!


prettyirishgurl - May 3

well im 12 days late now and still feelin preggo...yes i heard alot of women on this post not know for a long time.. some women it hits right away on their pg test, like me it takes forever to detect the hormone.like my story above..anyway i have never missed or be late on a period and the month of april had alot of unprotected s_x with my husband. i guess i will have to wait...waiting sux ...hahah thanx


chacha - May 3

i know i feel the same im a week late and driving myself crazy i was on bc pill but missed some...the waiting is the worst part. starting to think im going mad 4 thinking im preg. good luck to u all



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