11 Dpo AF One Day Late Cramping Spotting And Nausea

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Becca D. - October 19

Hey Guys, I know this question has been asked and answered probably 1,000 times. I just can't seem to find it. I believe I am approximately 11 dpo. My AF was due yesterday. I have had cramping since Saturday off and on. Today I started having some pinkish/brownish/redish spotting when I wipe. I've been sleepy, last night started feeling nauseated. BB's are tender....mostly the nipples though. Am I reaching for something, or has anyone else experienced this and actually had a positive hpt? BTW- I have had two negative, and possibly one faint positive?? Couldn't tell if that one was an evaportation line, bought it off the internet...not familiar with it. I have had two miscarriages in the last two years...at 6 weeks, then at 10 weeks...I have been trying pretty much every month every other day...what are your opinions?


aish - October 19

how long is ur cycle u r 11 dpo? i have no idea but spoting means u r preg. when did u check? actually i am 13 dpo & i checked in the evening i got negative .So i am waiting also ... I think u better write one post to first timester ladies may be they help


Becca D - October 20

My cycles are 27-28 days...I have a Luteal Phase defect and I usually ovulate on day 17-20...just depends. I was on progesterone suppositories for a bit at my doctors request due to my past miscarriages, but I had enough of that for a bit, and was just trying not to think much about it..but of course at the end of each cycle I hold out for more hope. It seems AF has actually shown now....the spotting got a bit heavier last night. It's a very frustrating, depressing state each month to know I really have no control in a sense of when I get pregnant. I can pray each month, and of course I know that everyone is praying for the same....it's very hard to give that "control" up and just have FAITH. I'll keep you all posted.


bump - October 20



J. - October 20

Hi Becca. Your symptoms seem to indicate that there's a good chance you may be pregnant. I'm only 8 dpo and have had no real symptoms yet. My b___bs just feel a little sore, not too much though. Did you get any signs at all at 8 dpo? All this waiting around is super hard for me. You're right though, just have faith.....


Janie - October 20

Can anyone else answer this? I'm in the same boat as Becca D and would like to know if any of you women that are pregnant ever experience this.



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