11 Positives 4-5 Negatives? Has Anyone Had This Happen? :/

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AngelynAnteres99 - May 25

For the past four months I've been getting a combination of positive and negative tests (2 negatives were at the doctors office and one was a blood test where my hcg levels came back as <5 so not pregnant).

Along with these tests I've been experiencing symptoms such as back pain, weight gain, nausea, widening hips, lighter/shorter periods,increase in bra + nipple size and darkness, a dark line starting to form below my navel, frequent urination, heightened sense of smell, odd nausea triggers, mood swings, food cravings, my belly button is starting to pop out and become stretched flat against my stomach, etc. 

I've been brushing off the symptoms and denying them for quite some time now but it's getting harder to deny the fact that something IS going on now that my shirts are coming up shorter and I can barely get my work pants on and buttoned and I can't get my leggings over my stomach. Another thing is that I was 118 pounds but now I'm nearly 140 (139).

I'd normally wear a Small but now Medium sized shirts are coming up short and floating.

I have 33 day cycles where the bleeding lasts 5-8 days on average but now I've only had a total of 6 days of light bleeding over the past four months (skipped April entirely). My last regular period was on February 2 - 7, had unprotected sex the 19th and the 20th, next period should've been March 7 but instead it came on March 17 was lighter than normal and only lasted till the 20th, April it skipped entirely, May I got it on the 6th and it only lasted till the 9th. I'm not TTC.

Doctor says I'm not pregnant and that I'm probably reading the tests wrong  despite the symptoms and multiple positives plus other people have confirmed that I'm not just "reading the tests wrong", a nurse is convinced that it might be stomach issues 

Has anyone had this happen and ended up being pregnant all along? 



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