11dpo Bfn And Some Signs

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r - October 15

sore br___ts all of the 2ww,really bad mood swings,heartburn and watery cm i really think af is comming but im not sure my cp is low and soft but i wish i would get a bfp all im getting is an evap line after 15 mins which is thein and grey


Dia - October 15

Hi r! Are you the same r that has been trying for over a year? How are you doing?? I think I have talked to you a few times. Just so you know, I am pg now and at 12 dpo I STILL got BFN. I didn't get a BFP until 15 dpo...so hang in there! You have a lot of symptoms that I had! Good luck to you!!


r - October 15

yeah im the same r i feel a little nauseous that comes and goes i have a funny cramp but its deeper ad i can see it getting painful soon,its just my bbs r killing me and af is due tomorrow


Dia - October 15

Hopefully you will get your BFP! DH and I were trying for about 2 months and then I got an advancement at work, so we stopped, but still didn't use protection or anything. BAM! I wound up pregnant, and we only bd'd about once that whole month :) I didn't even think about pregnancy at all. I had all my af symptoms...I was sure she was coming. One thing I did notice, was that my cervix never dropped...which mine normally does. But everyone is different on this! I have talked to pg women who have very low cervixes. Keep me updated! Try to wait to test until you are late - it will be exciting!!


same - October 15

same ? as last mont...too early


r - October 16

well my af is due today im 12dpo and got another bfn im going to wait 4 days if af hasnt come


aish - October 17

hi r.. anything new, as i am 12 dpo thinking of buying test but confused,tell me what shud i do?


Lesley - October 17

I have funny question, when everyone saya they are dpo. Does this mean the days past ovulation, meaning you count from the day you ovulated.so when you late for AF you just count the number of days late. So I think I ovualted on Sept 23, was suppose to have AF on Oct 7, had a BFN on Oct 14. So would leave me 25 dpo and 11 days late for AF. This is all confusing me.


to lesley - October 17

what is ur normal cycle ,when u had ur last periods?


Lesley - October 17

My cycles are usually 32 days and my last AF first day of start was Sept 5/05. I had a BFN on Oct 14. Still no AF. I feel like I'm having PG signs,but not too sure anymore.


to lesley - October 17

i think u r preg. which test u bout? from dollar store or good one?


Lorraine - October 17

Lesley, we have kind of the same thing going on. I am on day 39 of my cycle. My last cycle was Sept 9 and I still haven't got AF. I got BFN on Oct 10, 13, and 15.....it's driving me nuts!!


r - October 17

i had a bfn at 12dpo and i havnt tested since af was due 12dpo and it still hasnt come, all i have is some ewcm mixed in with creamy watery cm sore bbs isnce 3dpo and mood swings


Preciousmoni - October 15

hi all this is my 2 cycle of clomid. im currently 10 or 11 dpo and i was so anxious ive been testing since 4dpo lol i know that was way too soon. but i couldnt help it. my lp is 14 days... so hopefully i get a bfp!!!!! soon and af never shows her face...im just tired of getting bfn...good luck and baby dust to all



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